Points to Consider When Choosing an Online Preschool for Your Child

curriculum for preschoolers

Schools used to be the same for every student and their family, but after the past few years of the pandemic, a school looks different in every household. In tough times like these, when it is not safe for children to spend multiple hours regularly around others, technological advancements have allowed an alternative to the traditional process of attending school in the form of online classes. 

Enrolling your child in online preschool classes is not mandatory, but it offers your certain benefits like ensuring an age-appropriate and structured childhood education for your child, offering them a chance to build social relationships that will allow them to have a smooth transition into their school life. As a parent, you might be trying to find the best preschool in India that offers your child the education and knowledge they need. But you might change your mind about traditional preschools after you learn about the benefits that online preschool learning offers. 

curriculum for preschoolers

Picking the best online preschool for your child can be a challenging task, with a plethora of options for your child. From the types of institutions to the kind of preschool curriculum adopted, there are many things you should consider as the choice you make should reflect what is best for your child. 

Here are some points you should remember when you are searching for the ideal online preschool for your child:

1. Content is Appropriate 

Ensure that the online preschool program offers content that is age-appropriate, helps in the development and aligns with your child’s needs. Also, make sure the content is created by a learning expert and is credible. The content should have relevant content and nurture the interests of your child. 

2. Timings of Online Preschool Activities

According to experts, a total duration of 1-2 hours is sufficient for all activities online, and each session shouldn’t exceed 30-40 minutes. This Is to make sure that your child gets a break from watching the screen between multiple sessions. Try to pick a program that offers flexible timings with batches scattered through the day so you can choose the one best suited to your schedule. 

3. Batch Size of the Online Class

The batch size is important as larger batches may restrict some children from expressing themselves. The majority of online preschool classes take place in a group setting. You should make sure that there are only 6-9 students per batch. Doing this ensures that your child receives the individual attention they require. An online class demands the teacher to single-handedly engage with every student. Hence, the batch size is crucial. 

4. Curriculum They Follow

There is a variety of curriculum for preschoolers. So, it is vital that you make the right choice. Try to understand the types of activities offered by the program and how it helps the development of your child. Try to find a curriculum that uses interactive and creative methods to engage the early childhood and preschool learning requirements of your child. 

5. Skilled Preschool Teachers

Just like the preschool curriculum, the teachers play a vital role in the development of your child. It is important to find out if the teachers are qualified, experienced, and have the expertise to teach online classes for preschoolers successfully. 

In a country like India, which has so many regional languages, your child is generally exposed to their mother tongue during the initial few years. This means they are more comfortable communicating in the same. The teacher must be able to incorporate the relevant regional language and English while teaching as it enhances the performance of your child and ensures that they learn quicker. It also makes sure that your child is comfortable and can slowly learn to speak in English completely. 

6. Credibility of the Program 

You should check the details of a program’s credibility, which you can judge by learning about teaching staff experiences and testimonials from current or previous students’ parents that will give you an idea of what you can expect from the program. Ensure that it is a safe, suitable, and educational program for preschoolers.

7. Provides Demo Classes

A demo class is a great way of getting a first-hand experience of the online preschool activities for children and parents. Demo classes are offered by many of the best online preschools in India. 

8. Offers Support

An ideal online preschool will leave a clear channel of communication between parents and school representatives. You can assess the team’s communication and support system through your interaction with the program staff. 

Remember, preschool education is an important part of your child’s development as it prepares them for the educational system through interactive and engaging preschool activities online. Keeping the aforementioned points in mind while choosing an online preschool for your child will help you make the best choice. 

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