Plus Size Swimsuit Trends Of 2019

Plus Size Swimsuit

Now that summer has already started with a bang, it is time to engage in those frivolous pool parties and beach volleyballs in a sun-kissed way. A proper swimsuit can serve as your ultimate ally in getting the beach style game right. But women often experience anxiety over flaunting their beach body especially if they fall under the plus-size category.

However, you can actually flatter your curves by choosing the right plus size swimsuit and emerge as a true blue-diva whom the opposite gender simply can’t resist gaping at.

Here are some of the very best swimsuit styles of 2019

  • Think timeless style think polka dots. And you don’t have to stay limited to the black and white shade for rocking this trend as it looks equally gorgeous in all color combinations. Pair it up with your favorite pearl accessories and be ready to bask in compliments all the way.
  • Fresh cuts at strategically placed areas can bring your most sculpted regions under the spotlight while camouflaging the rest. These plus size swimsuits are to delight and excite you with its pretty cuts be it over the abs, above the midriff or ‘n’ number of other imaginable spots.
  • Women having rectangle-shaped body can opt for plus size swimsuits having delicate bows or frills for imparting a dash of femininity to their physique.
  • Floral fabrics can also bring along a flattering look provided you opt for big prints which can stand out in comparison to your elaborate curves. If you are thinking of teaming up a floral top/bottom with a solid colored one, then make sure that you wear the floral one on your better-sculpted zones and keep the solid shades aside for your problem areas. 
  • One-piece swimsuits having shoulder embellishments and ruffles can render a seamless finish. It aims when adorned by inverted triangle-shaped ladies who have narrow shoulders in comparison to their hip portion. The 2019 runaway was also filled with plus size swimsuits having shoulder padding. It can balance out the proportions of bottom-heavy women.
  • Rust is the latest trend of swimwear fashion which is creating quite a rage whether you opt for the glittery shades or wish to keep it low-key with matte finish ones. It also offers extreme versatility in terms of swimsuit shades which range from rich brown to the ones having a slight reddish undertone.
  • Candy stripe plus size swimsuits can easily add a burst of color to your beach vacation. These multiple hues can create an illusion of a slimmer frame by camouflaging all your problem zones. It helps in making it difficult to focus on one region for long. If you don’t wish to paint your entire swimsuit, then you can also opt for rainbow-hued accessories. Some examples are waist belt and pair it up with crochet sarong to flatter your curves in style.
  • Girls love their denim and this love made its way into swimsuit fashion. Although it is not advisable to wear a denim swimsuit if you are thinking of going for a splash, it can definitely win you brownie points if you are thinking of dipping your toe and sipping that margarita like a boss lady.

So, take your pick from our specially curated list and slay the summer fashion in style.

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