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Water availability to every single person in Dubai is the key responsibility of the Dubai Government. There is no fresh water source located in the entire region of Dubai. But to hydrate 3.75 Million people Dubai needs a solution. The solution is present although it is expensive but workable.

Idea is to desalinize the water of the Gulf of Aden and then pump this desalinized water all over Dubai. This system is working for decades and it is working well but the expenditures are increasing day by day.

It is almost impossible to collect 100% amount from the population or users. To facilitate the common man Dubai government put the maximum amount but some share is also collected from the users as per there usage. 

When you are paying for something it is your prime responsibility to save it from misuse and when it is the question of life and death it is 100% not supposed to be wasted by any mean.

Mostly in all infrastructures plumbing is tried to hide behind walls or inside walls by making groves for its transformation. But the fact is this these pipes are the actual holders of water. Which is absolutely a lifeline for you and your family? Maintaining it in its prime good condition is very important but it needs a special person with précised expertise known as a plumber and the task is known as plumbing.

What is Plumbing Dubai?

Lining in New Construction:

Whenever you construct or rebuilt any place you absolutely need a good plumber who make your place hydrate in terms of water availability from the extraction point of government to the taps of your washroom or kitchen and from washbasin to the fire house it is the responsibility of plumber to design install test and make it feasible for the owner.

Placement of Water pump, Installation of overhead water reservoir, planning the extraction points of water, Arrangement of geezer and laying of its separate pipe line. All works lies under the plumbing section but wait this is only one aspect of plumbing. We said that it is clean water plumbing service. What about the sanitation formed by using this clean water?

Absolutely it is also work for the plumbers to design the basic to detailed lining first. Then think about feasibility along with the desires of the owner and then make it possible to lay it down.

How many pot holes are made how the main lines are connected where the cavity for future cleaning will be placed all are planned and then executed with exact precession.

Repair and maintainence:

Every person is not able to make new house in Dubai.  Most of the people in Dubai are living in old constructions weather it is a villa or a flat in high rise building. These constructions are old more or less the 10 years. Although they were installed with latest techniques of plumbing and other technologies of that time but in now days they are out dated and due to time and effects of high usage they become unfit for commencing requirements of todays. They need a replacement or at least an overhaul.

Both tasks are not easy but essential for being used by people. A most common problem we were faced in these types of places are the water pipelines. On that time the best water pipelines were made by steal. Steal is good at that time but with time and external factors it tends to react and corrode on both side internally and externally this double corrosion made it impossible to survive longer as the new technology PVC pipes works.

Internal corrosion causes heavy internal blockage and narrowing the lines which can cause an increase in pressure due to the flow of water and this high pressure multiplies the internal effects at the time being the external corrosion make a weak point from which this pressurized water makes its path to leak resulting collapse of your plumbing infrastructure.  It may be an expensive and bit difficult decision for you but you are advised to take this decision for the sake of your place and family.

Plumbing Dubai is ready for you forever you need.

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