KBC is a reality game show in India. The full form of KBC is “Kaun Banega Crorepati” which is a Hindi word that means who wants to be a millionaire. I think you heard this word before, yes! This is a reality game show in the United Kingdom. It means that KBC is just like the United Kingdom show.

Now, this show is becoming the hope for many people who want to make more money in a short time. The lovers of this show increased regularly and now became numerous people. This show has 20-years of excellence, it was started in 2000 in India. First, the people don’t believe in this reality game show because they claimed such a huge amount in the very first season of this game. They had claimed the prize of 1 crore Indian rupees.

Jio KBC Lottery Winner

At the beginning of this reality game show, all the process was offline from registration till the last option, and the fans of KBC registered through P.O box. Then with the passage of time, its registration became online. But, now the coming new seasons of this reality game show became very interesting and simple because now this game show is totally online due to pandemic, Online KBC Game it’s mean that now people can participate in this game from home.

Jio Lottery:

Mostly, jio provides online service as it is a mobile network company. Now KBC reality game show is in contact with jio head office and jio helps this show in online procedure. With the help of jio head office, this reality game show becomes more advance and introduces new features with Jio KBC Lottery Winner. There are a lot of winners who won the prize of 25 lakh rupees in the jio lottery.

In addition, jio made it possible for participants to use WhatsApp, Imo, and Sim Card to win the lottery of twenty-five (25) lakh Indian rupees. It also helps the customers to save from fraud people. There are a lot of fraud people in the reality game shows when you apply for this game, fraud people will call you from different numbers or email you,in this case, you can report this number to the jio head office and save your account and lottery from these scammers.

What Did You Require For This Game?

Most people do not know that this reality game show does not require any kind of school, college, or university degree and not require any type of certificate or experience because the goal of this show is that to become maximum people crorepati by participating in this reality game show.

The only thing which you need for the India number 1 reality game show is to pass the quiz because this show purely depends on the quiz system. The host will ask you some questions and you need to give the correct answer in a specific time. When you correct more and more questions you will receive a high price keep in mind that till now the top winning prize of this reality game show is up to 7 crore rupees.

Also, don’t ignore your fortune because your fortune also plays a leading role in this reality game show. The quiz is multiple-choice questions, which means every single question has four options if luck is with you so you may correct the questions and win the huge price. That’s why you need to check your fortune at least one.

Can You Play KBC Online:

In the era of this technology where you can do a different kind of works with the help of the internet from your home through your computers and smartphones. Various reality game shows took advantage of technology and became online.

So the same, Online KBC Game show also became online for their lover and now participants are eligible to play this game online through the sony live channel. One other good news for you is that now you can also get a hot seat online from your home for that just need to follow some steps.

Apart from this, all types of KBC lottery games can play online like Jio Lottery Claim and more. You can also check your lottery detail online.

You can participate online when you meet these conditions.

  • This game show is played in India that’s why only those participants can take part who belong to India and have legal Indian nationality.
  • You are allowed only when you have 18 or above years old, in other cases, you will be not allowed.
  • You must have good health condition to play this reality game show.
  • You must be free of all types of criminal reports.   

The above conditions are important and you need to follow otherwise you will not be allowed.


If you meet the above simple conditions then why youare waiting to play the game show Online KBC Game through smartphones. If you face any difficulties then you can contact with jio head office and also they will help you in your lottery Jio Lottery Claim.

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