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Yes, it’s very much true! You can get paid for playing online games. When we say that, we are not talking about the kind of games you relish on your Xbox or PS4. You can make your leisure time eventful by playing games to relax, rejuvenate as well as make some decent money while you are at it. Of course, one can’t get rich overnight by engaging in these games. But who would mind earning extra money by playing games?

Exodus 3000

It is a hugely favoured online multiplayer Role-Playing Game that involves strategy. The game is a futuristic one, set almost a thousand years in future. It is based on the hypothesis that the earth suffers a catastrophe, and becomes uninhabitable, forcing the survivors to flee to Mars. Players have their individual homesteads. Explore Mars, forge friendships, and fight enemies to earn the game currency, which can afterwards, be encashed.

Second Life

It is quite a different gaming platform, for it presents itself as more of a virtual web world, instead of a game. It is a three-dimensional world, where players can create a virtual representation of themselves, connect and interact with other players from across the globe, and alongside earn real cash. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it had approximately 9,00,000 active users at the end of 2017.


It is another much-liked site that allows its users to earn credits for playing games. These credits can be transferred to one’s PayPal account or converted into gift cards. The website asserts that it distributes more than 7,000 gift cards on a daily basis, which is a lot of money. There are some free games that enable players to earn reward credits to play. Paid games bestow upon you credits when you expend money to pay for them. Make points, and redeem them for cash.

Paid Game Player

Get paid for playing games, trying new items, completing surveys, referring friends, etc. The Free membership option is free of cost, and gives users an access to more than 500 games, and also enables you to make points, which you can redeem to participate in daily, weekly, and monthly draws and tournaments. The Premium membership includes all the advantages of Free membership, and some exotic ones of its own.

World Winner

Play in different tournaments for a variety of games, and get paid for it. The site sets up tournaments among rivals with matching skills, so that it is not only interesting but also challenging. For this, it deploys a Fair Matching System. You get tons of games to select from, that include popular ones, such as Bejewelled 2, Angry Birds, Solitaire, Cubis, etc.

Corporation Master

It is an intense strategy game for those who would like to test their business and managerial talent. You can register for free, and play. All the currency you make in this game can be changed into free money. Earn points by going to work daily, becoming an investor or a manager, setting up your own enterprise, or by setting foot into the Arena, where you challenge your adversaries to get bonuses.

Online Rummy

Register for free at Rummy Passion, get a fantastic Welcome Bonus, and play the skill games of Indian Rummy Online in an appealing world-class environment to win real money. You can begin with Free Practice games, and then, jump onto the Cash Rummy tables. Compete against players from all over India, and interact with the dedicated customer support team to get your queries resolved. There are daily, weekly, and monthly free and cash rummy competitions, with huge cash prizes on the platter. Feel the adrenaline rush, and win big with your skills.

In a Nutshell

There are various kinds of online games that you can play to make money. It would not be out of place to say that there is something for everybody. What you are able to earn depends largely on your gaming skill level, how much time you can spare, and your confidence. Playing games, and getting money for it, is an enticing way to produce some income on the side lines. See which of the games discussed in the article interest you, and take the plunge into the world of Real Money games!

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