Crypto assets

Investors are always on the lookout for investment options that could provide better return on investments within lesser time frame. And Crypto assets are gaining popularity due to their performance and higher returns.  Therefore, more and more investors are diversifying their portfolio and PlatinX gives you the chance to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late.  You can easily put a part of your savings toward buying this crypto asset and enjoy the benefits for the lifetime.

Crypto assets Investment In India

Crypto assets are not new to the Indian economy and with huge potential for the value increment going forward, they are the rage now days.

According to Broker Chooser, India has the highest number of crypto owners in the world – 10.07 crore.

Crypto assets

Even higher trade volumes have been registered post pandemic from not only metros but tier 2 and tier-3 cities too. Crypto assets have reliable, long term store of value and limited supply capped by mathematical algorithms to avoid any central body influence or devaluation through inflation. Moreover these cannot be confiscated without the cooperation of owner making it a darling for Indian investors.

Why Platinx Is Best Crypto asset To Invest In India?

With so many crypto assets in India, it is hard to stay on top of all the information and make a knowledgeable decision. If you want to take advantage of rising rates, you need to be informed about how it works; why it would work and what are the values being added.

Let us talk about PlatinX that could be the best crypto asset to invest in India right now. PlatinX is basically a non-fungible, transferable digital asset with spectacular performance. PlatinX uses the best blockchain technology – BNB Blockchain, to give its users the best of the technology and innovation combined. PTX crypto assets have unique metadata and identification codes to distinguish them from each other, thereby avoiding any security mishap.  

Crypto PlatinX or PTX uses peer to peer method to operate with decentralized exchange systems making it one of the most secure, reliable and quick asset class. Its open source, public design ensures that nobody owns or controls it and everyone can be a part of this cryptoasset.

How To Buy Platinx?

PTX can be purchased from few different exchanges including Buyucoin and VinDax. Each exchange platform has different requirements to set an account and you can use whichever exchange you are most comfortable with. Bigger exchanges give you better security and reliability, so check on the exchanges before filling your credit details.  You can trade, swap or purchase on these exchanges easily. Always hold the crypto assets for a longer period to get better returns.

Where To Store Platinx?

Once you got your digital assets, you can safely store them in a digital wallet. PlatinX offers you different types of digital wallets –

  • Trust Wallet – This is Binance official crypto asset trading wallet with features such as multi-asset accessibility, secure access and faster transactions.
  • MetaMask – This is Binance based browser plugin that is compatible with PlatinX. You can do easy transactions with MetaMask on a range of browsers such as Edge, Chrome and Brave.
  • Binance Wallet – This is official crypto currency wallet for accessing Binance Smart chain and stay connected with thousands of projects across different blockchains.


If you are interested in diversifying your portfolio and doubling or tripling your returns on investments then PlatinX is the best crypto asset to invest in India right now. Buy it when the prices are low then watch the rates and sell them when they are high.

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