Platinum Love Bands for Rare and Precious Love

platinum love bands

Modern couples have truly changed the meaning of what it is to be in love. For them, being in love and finding a partner for life means enjoying the grounding comfort of having someone to lean on. It’s the sense of equality, mutual respect and a relationship based in friendship. It’s a relationship that gives a voice to the dreams, personalities and ambitions of both the partners. It’s a love that encourages being one’s best self, and never puts anyone down. It is youthful and energetic but never blunt or brash. It’s being appreciative of your partner and not forgetting the little things in life. It can be best described as a feeling of rising in love as opposed to falling in love.

And when you know you have found your special someone you can’t wait to celebrate them and begin your extraordinary journey together. It’s a magical moment when you realize that the bond you share is unlike any other. And that moment of realization is your Platinum Day of Love. A moment like that can only be marked with a symbol just as extraordinary, like our Platinum Love Bands.

And when your Platinum Day of Love arrives, it should only be celebrated with something just as special and our Platinum Love Bands are just that beautiful token of love. Their designs are exquisite yet so meaningful. The beautiful designs etched together in precious Platinum strike a beautiful balance, just like you do in your relationship. The various design elements are crafted to symbolise the unique story of your togetherness. Just as you are cherished as individuals but are united as one, our Platinum Love Bands for him and her complement each other perfectly in a pair, telling your story. Every element of the design tells a story that is as rare and unique as your love for each other.

Our Platinum bands are carved out of Platinum that arrived from outer space 2 billion years ago and is now found only in a few places on Earth, truly making it the rarest of the rare. This celestial metal is worked on by master craftsmen to turn it into flawless pieces of jewellery. Pieces so exquisitely alluring, they are the very symbol of the beautiful connection you share with your partner. Platinum is not only 30 times rarer than gold but also 40% denser, which makes it the ideal metal to firmly secure your diamond over years of daily wear. Platinum is 95% pure in jewellery so it will never fade or tarnish, making it the most precious symbol of your relationship. Each of our Platinum bands come bearing the PT950 mark denoting its purity.

Our Platinum bands are incomparable and the ideal choice to be the token of your beautiful and rare love. It is the modern couple’s go to. So celebrate your Platinum Day of Love with our beautiful Platinum Love Bands, starting at Rs. 10,000 at a store near you.

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