Cryptocurrency is a digital coin designed to work as a medium of exchange just like a fiat currency. The coin ownership records are stored in a ledger in computerised form backed by cryptography for securing transaction statements. There are multiple cryptocurrencies available in various crypto exchanges in India. These exchanges provide a platform to trade and invest in digital assets. Many people have shown interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc, as their investment options because of higher returns and deflationary nature.

Along with it, cryptocurrencies have the flexibility to be held as collateral for lendings or loans, even if the holdings are relatively small. An individual can opt for a crypto loan rather than selling it to wait for the prices of the cryptocurrencies to rise and to avoid short term capital gains tax. 

Here are some of the best platforms for crypto loans in India for reliable lending procedures and investments.


Blockfi is a crypto lending platform that can be used to earn interest, borrow cash, trade and invest in several cryptocurrencies in India. There are no hidden charges in Blockfi interest account, just an annual return of 7.5% that starts accruing instantly with a compounding interest per month. 

One of the primary features which makes it more preferable is that to get funds, users don’t have to sell their assets. Blockfi allows its customers to borrow against the cryptos allowing them to acquire the loan while keeping the cryptocurrencies.


It is a crypto exchange that offers trading and borrowing of cryptocurrencies. An essential sub-sector of crypto finance is the loan and borrowing market of digital coins. Lenders on CoinDCX can obtain a maximum of 16.25 interest rate annually if they lend their fiat currency in writing. 

Now, crypto lending and borrowing are straightforward ideas that are processed in this platform with ease. It lets the crypto holders get passive income on their cryptos and help margin traders to borrow cryptos for the set interest rate in the hope of making extra profits from the margin transactions.

Celsius network

It offers one of the modern ways to manage digital assets. It believes that cryptos should not be cryptics. Hence, it follows a standard rule to make digital currency accessible to all, with flexibility and rewards. 

CoinDCX proudly shares 80% of the revenue with the users so that they can earn up to 21.49% API. There is no minimum balance requirement in this platform. Even withdrawal is also free. Users can easily borrow cash or stablecoins with their cryptos. 


It is one of the beneficial crypto loan platforms which lets its users collateralize their cryptos in the credit lines very smoothly. It is equipped with a top-class security infrastructure design to ensure the safety of the assets at all times. 

Cryptocurrency interest rates range from 5%-10% for stablecoins which are to be paid regularly. Users can earn and put their interests under the protection of this platform. 

Furthermore, it also provides perfect risk assessment, data security and cutting-edge cybersecurity technology to the participants which increase the reliability of the exchange and widens its reach.

Apart from the above-mentioned platforms, one can consider Zebpay. It has recently launched a lending feature in its application which is worth using once. However, some people are only interested in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, then they can try Wazirx, one of the best crypto exchanges in India with more than 200 cryptocurrencies to transact with. 

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