How to Plan A Beach Vacation


Are you planning to have a great time in the sun, sand and surf? Be prepared with all your beach essentials then.

Pre-planning for your beach vacation trip will make quite a difference between either you will experience a miserable beach trip with things like bad weather, sunburns and bug bites or you will experience a good, happening day with the sand and the sea.

Now, if you don’t know how to go about when planning a vacation, keep reading, I’ve got you covered.

Do Your Research

Researching where you are taking a beach trip is extremely important. You should know if the beach you’re looking at is fulfilling all your needs. See if you want a crowded beach full of party people, or you are good with a nice and quiet sea view while you read your favourite book and take a sunbath. Whether you want a place suitable for your kids or you simply want a place everyone can enjoy. See if you’re going to take your pet along or it would be okay to leave them at home.

Know your requirements and do the research accordingly and decide which place will best suit your needs.

Protect yourself from Sunburn

Skin damage to sun exposure is widespread. If you are travelling to a beach during summers or sweltering weather conditions, make sure to put a lot of sunblock to areas exposed to the sun and carry the sunblock with you, so you keep on layering it.

Other than this, it is suggested that you stay in the shade at peak sun exposure hours from 1 pm to 4 pm during summers. Sunbathing is fine during cool hours only.

Stay Hydrated

Another important factor while you go to the beach vacation is to stay hydrated at all times, especially during hot weather conditions. Staying hydrated is extremely important for your body, especially when you are at the beach. Not only will the weather require you to stay hydrated, but your energy will be drained too by the outdoor physical activities, and you will feel thirsty. Drinking water is vital to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells and keep organs functioning properly.

Bring Your Food

Very few times the beaches offer no food at all for sale, bringing food/snacks from home is always a good idea or a safer option if you are going for a full day or staying for a few days.

Some beaches might provide only a minimal choice of unhealthy and overpriced burgers and snacks, hot dogs and sugary soda drinks. If you’re staying at a friend’s house or renting a beach house with kitchen facilities, bring your favourite tastier, healthier and cheaper meals, snacks, and beverages.

Bring Along Beach Bags

Beach bags are very important if you haven’t thought about it as yet, write it down under your checklist. Other than the tote bag in which you’d carry your beach day essentials, carrying zippered plastic bags and trash bags will play a significant role as well.

Multiple plastic zippered bags will help you to protect your book, towels, camera, water shoes, wet swimsuit etc. You can make separate sets. One zippered bag can be used for your wet clothes and shoes while the other can be used for your skincare essentials. A separate bag can also be made to keep the bug repellent and adhesive bandages separately.

Other than this, carry a litter bag with you as well for your own litter so you can leave the area cleaner than it was when you arrived.

Stay in Budget

The expenses depend on so many factors, mainly for how long you’ll be going for your beach vacation trip, will you be going for a month, a week or two or just one day. Once you have decided the number of days, you will stay at the beach, start your research and do some calculations. You might be:

  • Spending on your tickets if you are travelling by train or plane.
  • Spending on rental vehicles if you decide to rent a car.

For instance, if you are travelling with a large group of friends, you can opt for bus rental Qatar to keep your journey less expensive.

And not to forget, you might want to spend on some cool shops at the beach or while dining out or entrance fees at the boardwalk attractions.

To stay in budget and be at the safe side, don’t forget to do the calculations.

Plan Fun Activities and Capture the Fun Moments

Lastly, don’t forget to plan the fun activities at the beach like beach bowling, beach volleyball, beach frisbee golf or water bucket relay and capture your favorite fun moments.

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