A plagiarism checker has become an essential tool when you have to work on some written content. Due to extensive data availability, it is common to get some duplicated work while writing on some topic.

Many people think that Plagiarism is the only problem when we are dealing with blog or website content. It is not correct because duplication has the worst impacts on your educational carrier too.

Due to technology innovation, most of our tasks have been done on our handy mobile phones. We love to do most of our tasks using this device.

That is why we are here with the list of best apps that you can use on your android device for checking Plagiarism. You only have to read this blog till the end, and you will be able to remove duplication from your paper through your mobile phone.

Why it is harmful to students to submit a plagiarized paper?

Before you approach the list of apps for the plagiarism checking process, you need to know why Plagiarism is harmful to students. First of all, it is not an ethical action to copy someone’s work and represent it as your property.

It is the worst action for a student because no one from his instructor’s panel trusts him. The most harmful impact is that you have a great chance of getting an F grade in that subject.

It is because an instructor won’t bear it if you have submitted copied work to him. You might get some extension on request, but duplication is a factor that no one can tolerate.

That is why it is the first duty for every student to look at their work, check for duplication, and eliminate it at any cost. If you feel it is hard to find a tool for this purpose, you should look at the following list of mobile applications.

7 best plagiarism checker apps for students

No doubt, you will find hundreds of apps on Google play when you search for a Plagiarism checker. It is not an easy task to find the better choice from such a huge collection.

Therefore, we have researched a lot and found the following list of the best 7 apps for checking Plagiarism. Let’s have a look at the following list for a better understanding.

1. Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo

On the top of our list, we have an application from Prepostseo. This app is used widely by many bloggers, students, teachers, and people from different dimensions.

The main reason is the efficient working and deep check of this tool. Unlike other tools, this plagiarism checker has no specific database through which it will find duplication.

But it will use the entire search engine to check Plagiarism and show you the validity of your work. Due to its deep check feature, it will not leave a single published page from the internet.

Additionally, you will find this application perfect to use by anyone around the globe. The reason is it’s free working with 100% authentic results.

Being a user, you only have to download this application, make an account using your Gmail, and start analyzing your document. Its fast processing will give you results regarding originality and duplication in your work within a fraction of a second.

Last but not least, you will get a line by line results of your work. In this way, it is pretty simple to use this tool not only for checking Plagiarism but eliminating it by having an instant look at the results.

2. Plagiarism checker by C.A apps

Sometimes, you can’t rely on an application evaluating your work with previously published papers only. It is because you might leave some papers and documents that have been published instantly.

For such conditions, you need a plagiarism checking app that will show you real-time results of your work. C.A app has designed an application with such features that will show you the originality of your work by comparing it with all the published pages.

It is pretty simple to use this application because of its easy-to-understand interface. You only have to copy your paper’s content and paste it into the given text box.

This tool will compare your work with billions of other pages and show you results in the percentage format. You can analyze those results and eliminate Plagiarism where it is necessary to do.

The only problem with this app is that you won’t get a line by line results. You have to evaluate the entire document to check for duplicated lines and remove them or replace them.

3. Plagiarism checker by Plagiarisma

Many students think that it is enough to check for Plagiarism by comparing their documents with papers published over Google. No doubt, Google is the most used search engine all over the world.

But it is not enough when you are talking about some research paper or assignments. You have to compare your document with almost every database or search engine.

Here is a plagiarism checker that will assist you in this regard. This application has been designed to compare your content with five different search engines.

You can say that it is the most comprehensive app from the entire list on this page. You can also choose the search engine as per your requirements by tapping on the name of a search engine.

In addition, you do not need to do registration with this application for doing this simple task. It will enable you to come and check for your paper’s originality within a short time.

Overall, this tool is useful for students and shows them the original results within a minute. But a lot of students have reported that they keep getting advertisement videos while using this app.

It is the biggest problem because this display can draw your attention from work and harm the overall results of your performance.

4. Plagiarism Remover by Kryptonian

Whether you are writing an educational document or a blog, you might have seen some accidental mistakes in your work. The reason is that you can’t pay attention while writing and get duplication and spelling mistakes in your work.

Kryptonian has resolved this problem by providing a built-in grammar checking extension with a plagiarism checker. In this way, it will help you eliminate duplication and show mistakes that you have made while writing.

Abide by this; you will find this application perfect to use because of its deep check property. It won’t leave a single document from the internet while comparing your work.

Due to its deep check, you will not find even a single duplicated line in your work. You only have to rewrite those lines and check with any other application or tool. It will show you that you have 100% original work in your paper.

The only issue with this application is the small display of the results, which makes it difficult to analyze them and move forward to remove those specific lines.

5. Turnitin Plagiarism checker

One of the oldest plagiarism checkers for students is Turnitin. This tool has been working since 1997, when it was first introduced to find duplication in the writings.

More than 1 million people are using this tool worldwide regularly because of its efficient work. In most parts of the world, universities and colleges purchase a license of this tool for their students.

Yes, you have to buy this Plagiarism checking app subscription for evaluating your content. Being a student, you only need to write your paper and submit it to this platform.

Your paper will be compared with the documents available in its database. Also, this app will compare your work against other web pages too.

After a deep check, it will show you results regarding the originality and duplication of your work. In this way, it will be pretty simple for you to analyze the outcomes and reduce Plagiarism from your work.

The most amazing feature of this software is that you can also use it to remove Plagiarism. You only have to ask an instructor available on this platform.

By doing this, you will be able to remove Plagiarism just after checking your content’s originality. All in all, this app will be a better choice for your mobile phone when you have a budget to pay for its subscription.

6. Plagiarism checker by Plagly

As we already have discussed that Plagiarism is one of the most threatening factors for students. So, you must check your content’s originality instantly with an authentic tool.

Plagly is offering a plagiarism checker with advanced level technology. The algorithm of this application is designed perfectly that will not compare the lines of your content but the words.

It means that you will be shown outcomes after comparing the actual words of your content with other published documents. In this way, the chances of getting the worst outcomes will be reduced.

To make this tool perfect and efficient, the designers have used NLP technology. Due to this feature, the tool works not only as a plagiarism checker but also as a grammar checker.

In this way, a student can check his work’s originality and see the mistakes he had made while writing that paper. So, this tool will work in a dual dimension for students to keep them away from any problems in their grades.

7. Plagiarism checker by Maksim

In the last position, Maksim has a plagiarism checker that has helped hundreds of students and teachers. This app is designed to check your content deeply by comparing it to thousands of databases.

For students, it acts as a magical tool because of its simple interface and fast working. You can easily understand what you can do with a specific section.

It won’t let you wait for a while when you have started the process. You only have to add the content and start the process by clicking the Check plagiarism button.

This tool will then show you outcomes in a fraction of a second with percentages of original and duplicated content. Overall, the performance of this plagiarism checker is good enough to rely on for an educational document.

But you also have to face some problems like word count limit, advertisement videos, registration, and a few others. This app won’t allow you to check more than 500 words at once.

You have to register yourself for increasing the word limit and get your work done with proficiency. So, it might be right to say that you can use this duplication checker when you have enough time to register and watch ads.

Final Verdict

We have researched a lot to make the above list of tools for this simple task. But we are sure that you can remove Plagiarism from your content by using any of these tools.

By comparing all the functions and working, we highly recommend you to use the tool or application by Prepostseo. This app is designed perfectly for people from different fields related to the writing field.

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