Pinterest Video Downloading Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Pinterest video downloader

One of the popular social networking sites is known as Pinterest. This site is well-known for supporting the formats of photographs, GIFs, and videos, enabling users to share and discover their satisfied thoughts on food, home décor, clothing, healthy living, and other daily life-related topics to create a better person or environment. The photographs are simple to obtain because a download button allows you to receive them instantly with only one click.

However, Pinterest does not offer a download feature like other social media sites. So as a user, if you like any video, it is more difficult to download videos from Pinterest. But using some third-party tools, such as the Pinterest Video Downloader tool, you can download any format of videos from Pinterest without paying any amount. Through this post, you will get to know the step-by-step tutorial to use the pinterestvideodownloader tool so that you can easily download videos from Pinterest.

Search for the Pinterest video that you want to download in step one.

Searching for the Pinterest video you want to download is the first step. Using this Pinterest Video Downloader tool, you can download videos individually. So it is better to make a list of those videos which you want to download. You can do this by searching for a certain video or browsing your Pinterest feed. After locating the video, click on it to launch it in full-screen mode.

The next step is to copy the video’s URL from Pinterest.

Copy the movie’s URL from your browser’s address bar once the Pinterest video has opened in full-screen mode. To do this, right-click on the URL after highlighting it completely. Next, you need to choose “Copy” from the menu.

In this step, you need to click the Pinterest video downloader link.

Visiting the website for Pinterest Video Downloader is the next step to Download Video from Pinterest. To accomplish this, open a new tab in your browser and type “” into the address bar. Just press the “Enter button” here to access the website.

Here input the video’s Pinterest URL.

The area where you may paste the URL of the Pinterest video will be visible once you land on the Pinterestvideodownloader website. To paste the URL, just click the box. If you are browsing this on your laptop, press “Ctrl+V” on your keyboard.

In this step, select “Download” from the menu.

Click the “Download” button after pasting the URL of the Pinterest video to Download Video from Pinterest. The video will start to download when you do this.

Here you can choose the video quality as per your choice.

When the download has begun, you will be given the option to select the video quality. There are various video quality options available on Pinterestvideodownloader, including HD resolution. Click the correct download button, as per your choice, after choosing the preferred movie quality.

Save the Pinterest video to your device in this final step.

The video will start downloading once you decide on the quality. You can download the video to your device after it has finished downloading. To accomplish this, right-click the video and choose “Save Video As” from the menu that appears. Click the “Save” button, then select a location on your device to save the video. Normally this tool does not take much time to download videos. But sometimes, the quality of the video plays an important role in increasing the download time.

Why choose the Pinterest Video Downloader tool?

So finally, using Pinterestvideodownloader, you were able to download a video from Pinterest.

In the final analysis, we must say that with no built-in download capability, downloading videos from Pinterest can be difficult. However, the procedure is made simple and easy to follow with outside applications like Pinterestvideodownloader. You may quickly and easily save your favorite Pinterest videos for later use or share them with others by following the tutorial above. The main disadvantage of this website is you only can download videos one after another. However, using this tool is quite simple. You don’t need to register for an account there. You can download videos quickly and safely. So first make a quick list of your favorite videos, then go for download. Then just enjoy your downloads!