Types of Pilates Workouts

pilates workouts

In today’s busy world, people often forget to take care of their health. Many people are getting health problems. These problems are on the rise. A simple way to tackle this problem is to work out and do some physical workout. If you don’t have time to go to a gym, you should do Pilates exercises. Pilates reformer Brisbane will assist you in your training. 

It is a form of workout which helps you to increase your flexibility and increase your muscle strength. It will reduce your stress and make you calm. It does not need expensive machines. You need to buy a yoga mat, and you can carry out these exercises.

Let us know about the various types of Pilates workouts.

The hundred

It is a typical workout routine, and many people do it. It helps a lot in strengthening your abdomens and providing warmth. It is easy to carry out this exercise. You need to keep your legs in the air at an acute angle while lying on your back. After this, you need to keep your arms straight along your body and lift your head and back up the ground. Make sure to take deep breaths while performing this. Repeat this ten to fifteen times.


You do not need any pool to do this workout. You can do it on your mat. This exercise will provide strength to your hips, hamstring, and your back. You have to lie down on your stomach and keep your hands straight over your head. Now you need to carry out the swimming motion. You need to move your arms, legs, and chest simultaneously. Move your opposite hands one at a time, along with moving the legs just like in swimming. It is also essential to continue deep breathing while doing this exercise.


It is also beneficial and frequent exercise. It mainly provides strength to your calf muscles, back, and hips. It is effortless to perform this workout, and anyone can do it. You need to lie with your stomach touching the floor. Keep your hands in line with your face. Now you need to use your palm strength to lift yourself slowly. Your legs should stay in place all the time. It will take a lot of back power. Come down slowly after this. Repeat this for around eight times for an excellent workout.



To perform this exercise, you need to lie down with your back to the ground. Try to bring your knees towards your chest. Your hands should always be behind your head and try to move your head upwards. After this, you need to take the next step. When you lift your knee, try to touch it to your right shoulder. Similarly, when you lift your right knee, try to move it towards your left knee. Keep on repeating the other slides for a while.

One leg kick

One leg kick

This exercise will provide strength to your quad muscles and hips. The hamstring will also stretch and get healthy. Lie down with your stomach on the ground. Lift yourself with the help of your arms. The forearms should be parallel to the shoulders. You should try to keep your legs completely straight along with the toes. After this, slowly bend your left knee and try to raise your leg. You should move your legs in the direction of your hips. After this, repeat the procedure with the other leg. Try to do seven to eight repetitions of this exercise. It is also important to do slow breathing along with it.

 One leg circle

It is a good workout if you want to increase the mobility of your body. Your hamstring and hips will gain strength from this exercise. To do this, lie down with your back touching the ground. Your arms should be straight along with your body. Move your left knee in the direction of your chest while exhaling. Now move your leg straight up while exhaling. When your toes point towards the ceiling, start flexing your ankles. Then do the same thing with your right leg. Repeat this procedure around five times for each leg.

Ball roll

If you want to work on your body balance, then this is the best exercise for you. It is an enjoyable exercise, and you will feel like a massage. While in a sitting position, keep your feet firmly on the floor. Hold your knee and start rolling backward while exhaling. Make sure to maintain the same distance between your knee and your back. After this, try to come back to the sitting position by rolling up. Make this move while inhaling. Try as much as you can to prevent your feet from touching the ground.


If you want to stay healthy and eliminate the risk of diseases, it is essential to work out. If you are busy and cannot make time to go workout in a gym, pilate exercises are the best option for you. In the above article, we read about different types of pilates workouts. You can easily carry out these at your home. They will strengthen you and make you feel fit and confident.

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