Few Fascination Facts about Persian Cats

Persian Cats

Persian cats are perhaps one of the most demanding of all the breeds. Their big eyes, flat face along with the long and luscious coats, make them prettier amongst the others in the market. From the suspicious and intriguing origins which led to change in that face and contributed to their popularity with the flat face, Persian cats have a lot of interesting facts.

If you have decided to include these cuties in your family, undeniably, you have taken the right decision and can buy Persian kitten for sale in Bangalore, but before that let us take some time to know in details about the facts of the Persian cats. If you are eager to know more about them, consider checking the following section.

Their highly mysterious origin story:

Even when the traces of their origin have been found in the 1600s, the origin story is not yet transparent.

It is said that this breed invented in Mesopotamia which presently is known as Persia and which is why they are known as Persian cats. Even when it is popularly believed that they were from Persia, after studying their genetics, research says their genetic makeup is similar to Western Europe.

This comes to the conclusion that the true origin story of Persian cats still remains a mystery. However, keeping its origin mystery aside, it is still one of the most loved breeds throughout the globe.

They are available in different variations and colors:

When we think of the Persian cats, probably the first thing to come in mind is their iconic long and silky fur with blue eyes. This is probably an image that we have gathered from the commercials.

Irrespective of the appearance in the commercial, these breeds come in different varieties and colors. Besides white or silver, these breed comes in a range of colors like orange, grey, tri-coloured, black and also the calico coats. And some of the varieties include tuxedo, calico and tortoiseshell.

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They always did not have a flat face:

Persian cats or the flat-faced are popular among people, but the surprise is you always did not have this flat muzzles. Rather they did not develop such a fascinating trait until there was a genetic mutation which occurred in the 1950s.

When flat muzzle litter was born, the Persian breeders were in love with the look, and therefore they started breeding until it became a common trait. Even when it looks great, but then again, this face comes with several issues like runny and teary eyes, breathing issues along with trouble in eating food.

They have thick coats:

Another fascinating character of this breed is their luxurious and long coats. It comprises of two layers, which is the shorter undercoats along with the long silky topcoat which tends to shed the most.

In case you have decided to adopt from the Persian cat kitten for sale in Mumbai, here is an advice for you. Consider investing in a vacuum cleaner which is specially designed to suck the pet hair, as believe it or not your house will be carpeted with a chunk of cat hairs. Also, you might need to give up using black colored clothes.

They are not a great jumper:

There are various cats that can easily leap from one place to another into the air. Even they can jump from one furniture to another. These peace lovers will certainly not give you a hard time, as they are not very great at jumping. They are typically great in walking on land and keep the calm without breaking any furniture.

They actually require very less grooming:

Undoubtedly their glam look is the reason behind their huge demand, but as we all know that divas require huge maintenance, it is not completely like that. Undoubtedly Persian cats are blessed with long and luxurious fur which needs to be cleaned but compared to others, they require the least maintenance.

It is always recommended to bath them one in a month making use of their shampoo, which is purely meant to hold the colors and growth. You need to comb daily along with cut their hair if you are willing to give them a new look. All you need is to keep a time of the day to comb them so that they do not get tangled.

They were the winner of the first cat show:

Do you know that Persian cats that helped in the year 1871 in the London Crystal Palace with some of the exotic cats, the winner turned out o be the Persian cats? This is where this breed became popular.

The best thing about the Persian cat is that if you do not have any idea about them is that their paintings were sold at a huge price of $820, 000 which is so far the highest. There were several other paintings, but none of them was sold at such a huge price.

Bottom Line:

Persian cats are definitely from the amazing cat breeds in the world because of their amazing features. Being peace lovers that do not have much demand and such a sweet appearance makes this breed one of the most chosen homely breeds in the world.

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