5 Perks of Buying a Beachfront Property

Beachfront Property
Beachfront Property

Upon the sunny beach, under the golden sun, your eyes will listen to the light as it plays the waves of sea waves on repeat. You will witness the beach rise from the oceanic waves when you invest in purchasing a beachfront property. The soft hues of rising beach sand are the colors of your future dream of having a house on a coast.

This fantasy is more feasible than your daydream! Emaar Beachfront apartments for sale offer residents 750 meters of pristine white-sand beach surrounding their houses, unlike anywhere else in Dubai. It is an exclusive coastal community, comprising 27 exceptionally amenities-equipped towers.

You can earn yourself a unique blend of modern and serene island lifestyle at your doorsteps if you make the cordial decision of buying beachfront property. Buying a beachfront house is expensive, but in the long run, it will prove to be a worthy investment. For instance, you don’t have to rent a beach house to accommodate your family during the holiday season. Imagine a rent-free holiday!

Few perks are listed below to guide you in making an appropriate and profitable decision of purchasing a beachfront property:

1.      Charming Residential Area for Raising a Family

The new generation values experiences over materialization. Having a house, especially a beach house, over their heads holds a sentimental spot in their lives. It calms their nerves and acts as an escape from the hustle of running to jobs in the early morning and the chaos of city streets.

The serenity of beach dunes and ocean waves calls you to experience something magical and raise a happy and healthy family. Waking up to the sound of loud ocean waves rocking against the shore and having a clear view of the brilliant blue sky without any skyscrapers blocking the sun is something you cannot trade.

2.      The Economy of Buying and Reselling Beach Property

Ocean water might be scarce, but the return on investing in beach property is not! The waterfront property is limited, which means the supply is limited, but there is constantly high demand. Hence, it transforms the beachfront property into an edgy and incredibly desirable property.

The price of the beachfront property increases with each turn of the year, and there are more buyers than the owners who are willing to sell or rent the property. A beach house owner in Dubai can make his beach house available for rent from November till April when tourists from colder regions crave some sunshine. Beach house investors claim that the rental income covers almost all the expenses for the entire year! Hence, you have a great opportunity of earning a good profit from beachfront property.

3.      Retirement Options

Beach offers a lovely destination to live after retiring from a hectic working life. A beachfront house is a perfect option for exploring your life after retirement. Moreover, if you invest in buying a beachfront property during your early years, then it can turn into an additional source of income until you reach your retirement age.

4.      Health benefits

It seems like 18th-century physicians were up to something when they recommended their patients to visit a coast to cure all ailments. The studies show that people living near the coast are healthier than the city people. Sea air boosts respiratory health because iodine, magnesium and salt, present in the sea air, reduce the symptoms of asthma. Whereas sun exposure provides an adequate dose of Vitamin D. However, don’t forget to wear a healthy coating of SPF.

In addition, swimming in seawater speeds up the healing process, improves blood circulation and encourages a good night sleep. It is also proven that an evening walk through the beach and the sound of calm waves reduces anxiety and stress level, open your minds and encourage creative thinking.

5.      Live in a Pleasant Environment!

One wow factor involved in buying a beachfront property is the view! With nothing standing between your apartment on the beach and the oceanic waves, your view from the windows is bound to be impressive! Architects understand the impact of the beach view on their clients. Therefore, there are ceiling-to-floor windows at many beachfront properties.

Explore Your Future Investment Opportunity!

Currently, your primary step should be exploring the Dubai offplan properties and available beachfront apartments and villas. If you make a wise decision to invest in a beachfront property, you don’t have to contend with the noise of the city streets and pedestrians. It will be just you and your family in a pleasant and soothing environment, watching the sunset. 

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