How To Choose The Perfect Wall Mural Art For Home Walls

perfect wall mural art

Photo frames and wall hangings are stylistic decor pieces to enhance the interior look of your home. But, when you have mural art, it makes your place more inviting. 

Are you planning to give a drastic change to your home walls? Do decorate your home with beautiful mural designs. By adding character and meaning to your place, the art pieces upgrade your rooms instantly. Though making artwork part of your home decor is worthwhile, it can be a little bit challenging. 

If you are not an artistic person, you can prefer hiring wall mural painters in Sydney. They can better assist you with some unique art ideas. Additionally, there are some useful tips that you can consider in selecting the best murals. 

Tips For Choosing Wall Murals For Your Home

Match With The Style Of Your Rooms

As every room of your home is unique in its attributes, do consider the style while choosing the murals. So, for the spiritual environment in your space, choose abstract designs with repetitious grid-like elements. Opt for patterns with pastel colors. 

For instance, for your bedrooms, go for bright and lively mural designs. In addition, ethnic kind of patterns will add a warm feeling in your space. Also, mixing and matching art pieces will make all your rooms appealing. 

You can even ask the mural painters for adding snowflakes or a picket-fence theme to your artwork. Besides this, if you want ideas for your kid’s room, ensure that the ambiance is not overwhelming. This is because it can impact their sleep cycle. So, choose soothing mural designs helpful for relaxing the mind of the children. 

The best idea is to pick their favorite cartoon character. Additionally, you can choose the moon, stars, and sun which are wonderful options to improve the room’s atmosphere. 

Go For The Wall And Murals Size

One thing to take into consideration is the size of the available walls and the mural designs. If the sizes are not correct, it can ruin the balance of the room. 

Start with large artwork and then go for the small ones. For instance, for your living rooms, prefer installing large art pieces above your sofas, as it is the first thing your guest will notice. On the other hand, smaller pieces of murals are ideal for the bedrooms as it quickly adds aesthetic beauty to your space. 

To make you understand correctly, here are some art sizes to consider:

  • Oversized Art: Go for oversized wall murals of 1 meter or more in length. These are the center of attraction that look appealing over the big furniture pieces like dining tables, sofas, or beds.
  • Large Art: Large pieces of artwork around 80-100 centimeters long can be lavish centerpieces to rest on the gallery wall.
  • Medium Art: Medium-sized wall mural designs of 60-80 centimeters is the most adaptable size. Add one art piece to your understated room and let two designs speak for themselves on a gallery wall.
  • Small Art: Small mural sizes of 45-60 centimeters in length are ideal for group frames to install on a gallery wall. Merge 2 to 6 wall art pieces for a vibrant effect.
  • Mini Art: Typically, mini mural frames are the baby of the group. Sizes of 25-45 centimeters long enhance the room when grouped jointly.

Prefer The Wall Color

Another way to select the right wall mural art is to opt for artwork pieces that merge well with your existing home wall colors. You can go two ways for choosing the right hue. 

Firstly, go for the accent colors. Select one or two shades present in your room which will help you to pick the right one. The results will be a contemporary and sophisticated look. Play with the tones of different colors to add great depth. 

For instance, if your home walls have dark terracotta colors, work on them in their varying forms- light, unlit, bright, and so on. Additionally, if the wall colors of your child’s room are pink, then it will look beautiful with the white mural pieces. Besides this, for the gray color, opt for the olive green design. 

Secondly, you can ask the wall mural painters for multicolor or neon-colored designs, as they highlight increasingly on black or gray walls. Furthermore, bright art pieces in addition to brown hues emerge beautifully on brown walls.

Choose By Interior Theme

Interior decors of the space play a significant role in deciding the right wall art as they set an impressive theme. It helps decide the piece for your place which will stand out like a masterpiece. 

Take special guidance from the professionals for going with the theme to choose the right wall mural for your home. Several graffiti mural artists in Sydney are there to help you with the right suggestions. Do consider their opinion and install the best mural designs in your rooms. 

According to the wall mural painters, each mural design has its impact on furniture pieces and other decors differently. So, choose accordingly. For instance, the beachy and coastal home decor will not match with contemporary and bright art done on street walls. Just go for the neutral, whitewashed, and light elements that will suit well with cool colors such as green and blue. 

Additionally, you might choose the beige, white, and cream colors with sanded-back white frames. However, if you own a mid-century modern house, the ideas are very different. Dark woods, unusual patterns, and bold colors will not do wonders. So, you need to apply a different art selection process. Go for vintage mural designs, involving the use of red, green, and blue colors. Consequently, it will gracefully tie up the whole room together. 

Summing Up

Altogether, the right wall murals can create a big difference in the interior look of your home. It sets the tone of every corner of your place, promising whatever feel you want to prompt within and express your unique style. Additionally, the artwork adds depth and meaning, allowing you to work with different patterns and colors. 

So, for choosing the perfect mural design for your home, do consider the tips we have mentioned above. Remember that, if the art pieces are not likable, it does not deserve to occupy any space in your home. Do take the help of wall mural painters and keep your artwork connected and amusing!