Peaceful Outdoor Camping Destination in Mumbai

Peaceful Outdoor Camping Destination in Mumbai


Mumbai is the dream place for everyone. So, it’s common that it is always tiet crowded city with pollution. With these types of unbounded disturbances we indeed wish to have a dream to escape into a peaceful tranquil environment. Due to the excessive pollution,it’s highly impossible to look over stars in the sky. You can only glance over the lights in the city. In between the time to get rid of the suffocating things like this you sure plan for a campaign,right. Fortunately, Mumbai stood best itself in providing all campaign destinations. With the activities like bonfire, stargazing, peaceful atmosphere etc. Which suits as a best gateway for visitors. To help you find 5 best camping destinations in Mumbai we made a list. 

1.Bhandardara Camping

Bhandara campaign has a popular fame among all the campaign sites near Mumbai. It provides peace and pollution-free nature away from the city. Bhandardara is pinned almost beside the Igatpuri which hosts a large number of tourists and travellers. Bhandardara Lake is the popular destination for the mesmerising campaign in Mumbai. One of the best campaigns for the individual ones who dream to spend their time lonely with astonishing stargazing. You are guaranteed that you will enjoy the environment Bhandardara provides. You can enjoy the best campaign time which leaves long lasting memories.

2.Karnala Camping Site

Karnala Camping Site is pinned just an hour and half an hour away from Mumbai with the best noise free environment and star gazing sky. You can find well known places like Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort which are located beside the campaign site. It attracts a lot of tourists around the city and nation. So many tourists dream of traveling from Mumbai to Pune to visit Karnala. It is a great place which satisfies with stunning scenic beauties and sceneries. You can find a waterfall with background sounds like birds chirping. But you are best suggested not to visit during monsoons. Monsoon season is not so suggestable for the visits as you may confront exotic sounds.

3.Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is overwhelmed with mild and cool climate, bagging rich historical Forts around with great scenery and Pawna lake water.A best gateway who dreams to call out a camping trip over Lonavala with Mesmerizing experiences.

Pawna lake is bagging its fame over national and international tourists.

Pawna lake is ready with many activities like seeking fun, camping, kayaking, relaxation, sport and culture etc .for its visitors. Planning to arrange a camping trip here at Pawna lake means getting introduced with unique landscapes, trekkings, visiting forts and caves.

And you are well available for resorts and restaurants to taste the best cushions of food around there.Pawna lake is the best weekend getaway for tourists and visitors. It is nestled with the best sightseeing attractions around there. Pawna lake is a best destination spot itself. It welcomes its visitors during the months of Jan,Feb,March, April,May, October, November and December. Most of the time over the year it is available for visits.

4.Kundalika Rafting Camp

Around Maharashtra Kundalika Rafting Camp is the most worthy spot for campaigns. To visit here, you just need a drive for an hour from Mumbai. You’ll confront strange experiences and long lasting memories for your lifetime. This place is overwhelmed with greenery and trees around it. The flow of Kundalika Mesmerises you with the sounds it creates. With the flow of waterfalls sounds and star gazing by having your barbecue with a bonfire ,you can enjoy the entire campaign in a different way. The soul of yours filled with delight to behold the moments forever.

5. Igatpuri Camp

Igatpuri is snug up by the western ghats. The only lovely place which offers you a best weekend getaway within the Mumbai City is Igatpuri campaign. You’ll get a chance to plan for a perfect stargazing spot. Not only the Igatpuri campaign, within it is bagging many campaign sites. You can choose from many restaurants and order the best cushion varieties around the world by stargazing and enjoying the most memorable moments in your life. Otherwise you prepare your own home varieties and plan to attend there. A perfect sunset with peaceful background alongwith stargazing you’ll sure enjoy the campaign site. 

You are suggesting here as it is one of the best out of 5 best camping destination in Mumbai.

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