Palm oil fights dryness and skin aging

Palm oils

Palm oil

The palm oil could not be left off the list of oils for everything. And today you will understand the reasons why palm oil is an ally of beauty and playfulness.

Among the reasons is its high hydrating power – perfect for dry skin that requires more care. Not only for skincare, palm is oil used cooking, cosmetics, etc. To get more information on uses and the maintenance of palm visit Russalgear

Sun, wind, cold, pollution, among other factors, make the skin look tired, aged. Palm oil has natural actives capable of regenerating and protecting skin.


It is obtained from the fruit known as Elaeis guineensis palm.

Vitamin E is one of the powerful, skin-rebuilding antioxidants found in palm fat.

Palm oil goes further: it offers one of the best versions of this nutrient, with good concentration of tocotrienois, elements that protect the skin and repair the damage already suffered.

Vitamin A is another antioxidant present in the product, making oil an element to prevent cellular oxidation and reconstruction of those that have been damaged.

Other than that, palm oil contains vitamins D and K, enhancing care through antibacterial, moisturizing and nourishing action. It also helps fight acne and inflammation.

Brightness, softness and frizz control can be cited as effects of palm oil on hair.

Curiosities about the palm

The palm is the fruit of the oil palm, a species of palm tree originating from Africa and brought to Brazil in the seventeenth century.

Malaysia and Indonesia are the largest palm growers in the world as they have a favorable climate for planting.

Here, the plant is quite adapted to the tropical climate of the Bahia coast.

To extract palm oil, several steps are performed. After the fruits are harvested, they are steam heated to soften the pulp and thus facilitate the manufacture of the oil.

The higher temperature also contributes to reducing the size of almonds, facilitating their removal from the shell.

Then the fruits pass through a digester until they form a dough that will be pressed. Then crude palm oil is obtained.

At the end of the process, an oil rich in fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic and linoleic acid, as well as vitamins is produced.

From margarine to chocolate; from candles to cosmetics; from lubricants to soap. Palm oil can be used in a wide variety of products. No wonder the substance, also known as palm oil, is one of the most produced vegetable oils in the world.

But palm oil is far from just a cell recovery element. He is also used in cooking and fuel production.

How to use palm oil on skin

Palm oil is for pure application or for specific skin preparations. It is also commonly used to enhance the composition of creams, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and soaps.

In general, oils are especially recommended for those who have dry or normal skin, as they may end up contributing to increased oiliness.

Even with so many benefits, oils like palm oil, for example, should be passed with caution. Ideally, always use substances specific to your skin type.

The natural aging of the body is inevitable, but over the years can be lighter and slower when we harness the right resources. To replenish the skin’s natural oils, palm oil is an indispensable item.

With it, we can prevent the skin from getting too dry and the cells break down which result in fine lines and wrinkles.

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