An Overview Of Acana Dog Food For The First-Time Buyers

Acana dog food

Dry dog food continues to be the most popular choice around the world. Dry commercial dog food options are easy to store, convenient to feed and most dogs love them. And when it comes to buying reliable brands in dry dog food, one of the most popular choices is Acana Dog Food. This Canadian brand has plenty of choices available for dogs of all age groups.

What Is Acana Dog Food All About?

Acana pet food options have been available in the market for decades. It is an award-winning brand known for its unique and healthy food variants. Besides dog food, the brand is also known for its high-quality cat food options. The food varieties in this range particularly gained traction because of being biologically appropriate. In fact, the brand has now emerged as a trendsetter in this category.

What Is Biologically Appropriate Food?

Food that keeps the natural feeding patterns of pets as the core concept falls into the biologically appropriate food category. Biologically, dogs are used to hunting small animals and consuming raw meat. Even though the home-bred dogs these days have evolved a great deal, their bodies are pretty much the same. Fresh raw meat is one of the best ingredients for the way a dog’s digestive system is built. But finding good quality raw meat, storing it in hygienic conditions and then feeding it to your dogs might sound like a tedious job. That’s where brands like Acana come into the picture.

Acana is particularly known for its biologically appropriate meal options for dogs. With this, you can be sure that your dog gets its fair share of meat in its everyday meal. And this is critical for its holistic growth and development.

What Are The Primary Ingredients Offered In Acana Dog Foods?

Nearly 60-90 % of the composition is made of animal-based ingredients. And a major share of this is raw meat. As a result your dog gets the essential amount of raw meat in its diet. To make sure that your pet gets a balanced diet every single day, this brand brings a host of meal options. Every meal consists of one or more animal ingredients. Therefore, you can choose the right kind based on the combination you think will include the much-needed nutrients for your dog.

Are There Other Ingredients Besides Meat?

Though proteins from meat are the most important nutrients a dog needs, it also needs a good amount of other nutrients like small amounts of fats and vitamins and minerals. All these are available in fruits and vegetables. But not all fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs. The brand therefore eliminates a pet owner’s fear of picking the right veggies by incorporating fresh plant-based ingredients in their meals as well.

Green peas, lentils and even beans are included in many of the food variants in this range. As a result, the whole thing put together makes up a balanced platter for the dog.

Food Options For Different Age Groups

As the dog grows its nutritional requirements change. Growing puppies might need a higher amount of proteins, for example. Taking this into considering, the Acana dog food range offers a variety of mindfully curated compositions for dogs in different stages of growth. They supplement the regular diet and can also be used to replace the dog’s regular meals. But this is possible once the dog gets fully used to the changed meal composition.

Dogs that have been consuming commercial food and cooked meat since their birth might have to be given some time to get used to fresh meat. Starting by replacing one meal a day is a good trick that most pet owners use.

Special Food Variants

Protein-Dense Foods

Some dog breeds might need a larger proportion of proteins in their diet. And sometimes this is because the dog is too active. To support the dog’s health in such cases, a protein-dense adult formula in this range will be useful.

Light Variants For Weight Management

Dogs that have gained a lot of weight might be recommended weight management diets. But they still need their daily nutrition needs met. Acana also has a wide range of light formulas for such dogs.

Besides these, there are grain-inclusive foods, puppy meals, senior foods and even a wide range of limited ingredient options for dogs with sensitivities. Along with this there are also many freeze-dried treats to try. On the whole, for pet parents looking for reliable options in pet food, Acana dog foodis a choice worth considering.