Outdoor Rugs


Chilling in your patio or backyard with your family and spending quality time is a pleasant experience. You can play card games and board games like chess, Uno, and various other similar types of games. You can also prepare amazing food with the help of a BBQ grill in your backyard. Swimming in the pool during summers and then sitting outside on recliners is another great outdoor activity.

All of these activities are possible if you have maintained your backyard in such a way that it is always ready to welcome you. By maintaining, I am not just talking about landscaping, planting, or cleaning the backyard. It is about keeping all the things tidy and ready for use.

A lot of people like to place outdoor furniture and other things including outdoor rugs, to make their backyard look welcoming. However, they often fail to keep this stuff clean and usable for a long time. Outdoor rugs are often used to make your outside sitting area, backyard, or patio, look elegant. 

However, if you fail to clean these rugs, then dirty rugs might affect the overall look of the backyard of your home. Therefore, it is essential to take care of outdoor rugs in your home. Especially the ones placed in the backyard and patio. In this article, I will try to list some practical methods to keep outdoor rugs clean and making them usable for the longer-term. These methods are listed below:

  • Never use outdoor rugs throughout the year. There are some seasons when the conditions are not favorable for outdoor rugs. These conditions can reduce the life span of outdoor rugs significantly. It is better to store these rugs in a dry place to keep them safe from wear and tear. Simply roll the rug and move it to a safe storage place.
  • Outdoor rugs are more exposed to dirt as compared to the ones used indoors. This is because of dirty shoes and dust coming with winds. The best way to keep these rugs free from dirt and look new is to clean them regularly. You can use a variety of methods to clean outdoor rugs like beating, sweeping, shaking, and hovering. 
  • As the outdoor rugs are more exposed to dirt, there are more chances of dirt getting stuck in these rugs. It will make a bad impression if this dirt is not removed timely. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean these rugs. This cleaning method would also help you in getting rid of mold in the rugs, which could grow because of moisture.
  • As most of us like to spend their spare time partying and enjoying with family and friends. There are great chances of spilling food and drinks on the surface of rugs. In addition to spilling, pet and stray animal wastes could also bring harm to outdoor rugs. You should immediately act and remove the stain because of spilling or any other factor with the help of a cloth. Sometimes, the stain is permanent, and it might require some effort. In that case, you can make use of synthetic vinegar, baking soda, mild soap, and a brush to remove it. 

The Take-Away:

Outdoor rugs bring elegance to the outdoor spaces of our homes. These rugs should be treated with care in order to increase their life span. We have listed some effective methods for this purpose. We hope you would make use of these methods to keep your rugs usable and clean for a longer time. 

Enjoy your outdoor times!

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