Tips for ordering clothes for your kids online

ordering clothes for kids online

Kids are continuously outgrowing their clothes, making it a task for their parents to keep buying new ones. It adds to the expenses of the household to buy clothes every few months that are again going to be outgrown.

As we are in midst of a pandemic as well, going to the mall or your go-to local store is out of the question. Parents have stick to shopping online for over a year now. Without the luxury of trying the clothes before buying and knowing how the fit is and how long will they last; it gets quite confusing. If you end up having bought the exact fit, two months from the day you bought it is going to be useless. And you’ll have to go online shopping for something new that will fit your kid.

In this article, we will provide you tips for buying your kids’ clothing online and guide you on how you can spend less and get the most out of your shopping. Keep on reading to find out more about kids shopping hacks.

Read the Reviews

Because you aren’t able to try the clothes you’re buying, reading the reviews about the product you are considering getting can provide useful insight about it. Especially about the fit; it is crucial to know if the garment is true to size. All manufacturers have different sizes depending upon the styles. A size 6 in one brand may be a little looser, slimmer, shorter or longer than another brand’s size 6.  

Go through the reviews thoroughly, avoid the five stars and bad reviews, the important information can be found between these two. This way you’ll be able to know what size will you have to order in order to have the right fit for your kid.

Reviews also help to know about the fabric and other features of the garment and you can choose the product according to your preferences.

Check the Return Policies

However careful could you be but you can still not guarantee the product would be as per your desire when shopping online. You have seen the reviews, know about the product quality, rechecked the fit as per your limited knowledge and after all of this you get the clothes that are not to your liking; you can always return them. For this option to be viable to you, check the return policies of the brand prior to the purchase, that is mentioned on the website.

Many online retailers offer terrific return policies so that you don’t regret purchasing the garment that was not according to your or your child’s liking. The best ones are those who do not have long documentation processes and a no-questions-asked approach. This way you can purchase whatever you see fit for your kids and if you don’t like it, you’ll have the option to return it open.

First, Measure then Order

When we shop at retail stores, we can have the kids try the clothes and even if we aren’t trying we can make a guess as to how the garment will fit them. Unfortunately, with online shopping, we are completely at the measurement’s mercy.

To be able to have the right fit for your child, refer to the kids’ size chart available on the product display page. If they have international sizes, check the children’s clothing size conversion chart and you’ll be able to know the mentioned size. Then note your kid’s measurements to make sure how clothes will fit them and you can then make an informed decision.

Shop at Clearance

No matter how much effort you put in reading reviews, taking measurements or having easy return policies, your kids will grow out of the clothes pretty quick so there is no need to spend a lot of money on them. The hack to follow here is to shop at the clearance section.

When new collections come in and the old stock isn’t completely sold out, brands move the older collections into the clearance section to make space for the new ones. Like retail stores, online stores have a clearance section as well; shopping at clearance will save you some extra money.

According to a report, when a sale is put on the front of the house items, it will save you no more than 20% to 30% of the original retail price. Whereas at the clearance section, you can get clothes at 50% to 70% markdowns.

The Bottom Line

We hope the aforementioned tips prove to be useful to you on your future shopping sprees not only for your children but for anyone else, including yourself. Kids quickly grow out of their clothes and you will have to buy more for them again but by following these tips, you can make most of the clothing and save a lot more money than your usual purchases.

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