Order Orthopedic Instruments – Spuds, Hooks, Knives, & Dilators

order orthopedic instruments

Surgical instruments are an extensive range and differ from one another accordingly. For instance, specialized gynecology surgical tools are ideal for treating a patient with pelvic abnormality. For an orthopedic surgical procedure, multiple variations of hooks, knives, spuds, and dilators are used by surgeons. 

Spuds are incredibly designed surgical instruments that help remove debris during the surgical procedure. Like spuds, knives are used in orthopedic surgery, anatomical dissection, podiatry, etc. At the same time, orthopedic instruments hooks are used to grasp and stabilize skin, tissue, ligaments, tendon, and bone fragments.

Hooks, knives, dilators, and spuds are useful in orthopedic surgeries and help surgeons carry out the procedure flawlessly. These surgical instruments are available in multiple variations, according to size. Further, they are made with German stainless steel that resists corrosion and offers high durability. The high-durability feature makes it reusable after the process of sterilization. 

Quite a few types of medical supplies come under the category of spuds, hooks, knives, and dilators, as mentioned below:

Adson Blunt Dissecting Hook:

Adson’s blunt dissecting tool helps in elevating delicate and tough tissues during orthopedic surgery, including bone and soft tissue. 

Adson Dura Hook:

Adson dural hook is commonly used in neurosurgical procedures by surgeons. This instrument functions to elevate, mobilize, and manipulate the dura fibrous membrane and other surrounding soft tissues. It is a multipurpose tool that aids in retracting nerves or the Dural layer of meninges during craniotomies and spinal surgery. 

Austin Picks:

Peak Surgicals instrument features a sharp, slightly curved tip along a broad blade that helps in the incision of skin and other pathological tissue. Further, these kinds of surgical tools are commonly used during middle ear procedures.

Austin Sickle Knife:

The sickle knife is used in an extensive range of surgical procedures. In oral and throat surgery practices like tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, this tool aids in incising and elevating the mucosa and submucosa. 

Bone Hook:

Bone hook tops the list of versatile surgical instruments used in the orthopedic instruments market. It is available in multiple sizes and features several shapes to cater to surgeons accordingly. The hooks grasp and stabilize skin, tissue, ligaments, tendons, and bone fragments. It is ideally used in processes that require manipulation and handling of bone. Further, it separates stiff and bony structures from one another. 

Cooley Coronary Dilators:

Cooley coronary dilators are crafted uniquely to accommodate surgeons during cardiothoracic surgeries. These surgeries require exploration of the abnormal vessel in the body, and such surgical tools are well-suited for this. 

DeBakey Vascular Dilators:

These kinds of surgical tools are used by cardiovascular surgeons that help in broadening the lumen of small and large blood vessels. A stunt is applied that restores the normal blood flow in the heart.

House Knifes: 

It is a commonly used surgical tool in surgeries to make cuts in the body and is a very sharp tool available in various sizes and kinds as per surgery type. 

The above types of spuds, knives, hooks, and dilators can be ordered from Peak Surgicals. The order can be delivered within three days to your doorstep in a carton box, keeping surgical instruments safe.