Optimizing Your Video to Get the Most Out of Search

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Are you thinking about how to optimize your video better so that it can rank higher on the universal search results? Well, with video marketing becoming extremely popular over the past few years, and more and more businesses choosing videos as their perfect marketing tool, thinking about better video optimization is actually a wise decision. And here’s a quick insight into how you can do that and get the most out of the search.

Select the Right Platform for Video Hosting

When opting for a video hosting platform, first you need to know whether it’s for generating new leads or for gaining more traffic or creating brand awareness that you want your video to rank higher. Because while hosting your videos on platforms like YouTube create brand awareness, it fails to drive the traffic to your website. Therefore, you need to be careful when opting for a video hosting solution.

Create an Engaging Thumbnail Image

When indexed, it is the thumbnail that offers the viewers a look of what your video contains. A video thumbnail serves more like the homepage of a website or a cover of a novel. Hence, make sure to keep the thumbnail relevant, compelling and of course, beautiful. Studies suggest that a video thumbnail that is engaging and of high-quality and also features a human tends to enjoy better play rate than those without. 

Set the Right Title and Video Description

Just like a blog, the title and meta description of a video plays an important role in universal search ranking. Therefore, spend enough time to come up with an interesting, catchy yet short video title and engaging description. Include well-researched keywords in the description and title to boost the chances of people finding your video.

Keep the Videos the Focus of Your Page

Often many websites keep the videos at the bottom of their pages. What they don’t understand is that this constant scrolling down to reach the video actually results in lower play rates and somewhat uninterested visitors. Hence, keep your video the main focus of your page, helping the visitors to find it quickly while increasing the chances of crawling your videos.

Pay Attention to Page SEO

Along with proper optimization of your video, you need to make the rest of the page SEO friendly too. Otherwise, the search engines never even bother to crawl in it. If you add your video to a generic page, its ranking chances gets really low. Therefore, whether you do it yourself or choose a professional videographer Adelaide, know that a video relevant page with all the necessary technical components of SEO and high-quality content is a must for better video ranking.

Remember, to rank your videos higher on the search engine result pages, doing only SEO isn’t enough. From the video hosting platform you choose to host your video to its title, meta descriptions- all these matter a lot. So, next time when you think about optimizing your video for search results, keep the tips mentioned here in mind and you’ll be all good to go. Seattle fence contractors