what are opportunities for a commerce student in abroad

commerce in abroad

Commerce is one of the popular subjects among students who want a bright future. Hence, you’ll see many commerce students as business owners and leaders, making a good wealth.

Therefore, if you want to follow this field in the future, start preparing along with taking the best commerce classes. You’ll be happy to know that there are many study options out of India after Class 12th. Mostly, if you score 70% and above in Class 12th and get minimum 5.5 in IELTS, you can apply. And you need be minimum 18 years old. Further, you can take loans or even apply for a scholarship to pay for these international courses.

So, let’s look at some of the top fields you could choose after your 12th.

commerce in abroad

Commerce – 

If you want a core commerce program, you’ll find them out of India. There are many commerce courses in famous international cities.

However, some countries require work experience to enrol. So, you need to check the eligibility criteria for each course.

Economics –

Some programs are more theory based, while others are more practical, like Applied Economics. Similarly, some are also math based, while others aren’t.

By taking up economics, you can take up careers like economist, teacher, auditor, and marketing manager.

Marketing – 

At the centre of every business lies marketing. Hence, you couldn’t go wrong taking up marketing after the 12th. Most marketing courses will focus on sales, advertising, direct marketing, public relations, and communication. Thus, if you understand people well, this might be your field. 

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Accounting – 

Be it a big or small company, they all need accounting services. Thus, you will have many job options after you graduate. Usually, an accounting course will have math, finance, and business subjects.

Some universities require students to have extra qualifications. Therefore, while taking the best commerce classes, complete courses in business, corporate law, or computer applications.

Management –

Management is among the top courses that commerce students take after high school. In these programs, you’ll learn basic elements of managerial roles. Accordingly, you’ll learn subjects like Financial Accounting, Business Law, International Business, etc.

Additionally, you can also take specialisations, such as global HR management, international management, project management, and so on.

Mathematics – 

For a person who loves numbers, a math program would be ideal. You can choose a field that leads to teaching or pure research. However, it doesn’t end there.

In fact, many courses combine math with other subjects. Students choosing these courses are engineers, software engineers, accountants, etc.

Thus, if you love calculus, algebra, or statistics, give these courses a try!

Finance –

If you love numbers, a career in finance may be your calling. When you join a program in finance, you’ll learn microeconomics, statistics, and basic accounting. Moreover, you add specialisations in your later years of the course.

Best Countries to Study for Commerce Students Abroad 

Let’s take a look at some of the countries with the best opportunities –

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the best universities. Also, it has a rich culture and tradition, attracting many students from all over the world. Therefore, the UK is one of the best spots for international students.

The United States 

The US is known for its diversified culture, top universities, and excellent career opportunities. Hence, you cannot go wrong by choosing to study here.


Canada has top-ranked universities, a diverse culture, and a low crime rate. Thus, it is one of the best places for higher education.

New Zealand 

You’ll find many popular courses to study in New Zealand. Moreover, it provides a visa extension after graduation. Hence, you can also look for a secure job after your studies.


Australia is ranked top three in the most preferred international countries for education. Therefore, the universities are worldwide recognised, allowing you a lot of job prospects around the world. Also, it has low cost of living and a fantastic lifestyle. 


Germany doesn’t charge tuition fees to students. Thus, you can pursue your education at reasonable costs. It has some of the best colleges of the world.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it can be difficult to decide which course or country to select for your education. It’s a big decision since it can cost a lot of fees also. Hence, you shouldn’t leave it to chance. Make up your mind first, and then do the necessary research before deciding. Apply in as many colleges as you can. This increases your chances of getting admission. You can also contact an expert who can help you with finding the right college and course. Getting help is always a wise idea as they can also let you to know your strengths and weaknesses when picking up the course.

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