Vital Fundaments To Make An Operational Mobile Phone App

operational mobile phone app

Technology has become an integral part of everyday life of an average human. If you want to order food, you can employ your phone. If you want to control your business, then IoT is your choice. The point to put those two vaguely different things into perspective is that the most integral matters of our live are dictated by our use of technology. In other words, it has not only made life easier, it has also provided us with the means to do so. For instance, internet helps you connect with someone from the far end of the earth. To increase the perspective, you needed weeks and maybe months to reach people that far. Now, you are just a phone\video call away.

Most of the ease created in communication, business, marketing et cetera has been through higher usage of mobile phones. They have become more than a communication device. Entire careers of students depend on it, whereas business persons are tending to their everyday tasks through a small screen. However, the reason to make these points is to understand the need of mobile phone apps in our everyday lives. From gaming app to ordering food, chances are you use either one of them every day. Therefore, let us understand the intricate process of making one.


Research is the essential part of any sort of professional approach. From something as simple as finding a recipe for your favourite food to understanding the value of marketing, you need research in your life. Same is the case for mobile phone apps. Without research, you will not only jeopardize understanding the need behind your app, but also how to make it properly. If you are a seasoned developer or a beginner, then you might not even need this article because it is for beginners. However, if you wish to go back to the basics, then you need research in your life to help you make sure you have got the fundamentals right.

Design The Development Phase

Now, you might think that developers just sit down and start coding until an application pops out. That is not the case. Because much like any other element of professional life, an application requires thorough planning. Without one, might be able to make an application, However, its operational capabilities will always remain in question. To avoid any such mishaps, you need to make sure you devise a strategy for the development phase of it. What it would do is help you keep the process in a straight line as well as help you understand some of the following:

  • Right type of applications: hybrid or native
  • Languages and frameworks to use
  • Time spent developing each day
  • Testing methods
  • Monetization process, if any

Those are some of the most important parts if you want to create app like Google assistant properly and professionally.

Design The UI

Aside from performance, you need to make sure you understand what you want your application to look like. In order to do that, you will have to design the UI first. You can always insert additional design element later. However, the point of getting it out of the way in the beginning is to make sure you develop according to the design. The primary reason behind many professionals doing it is because it helps you understand what you want your app to look like. Then, it is just a matter of making it operational. Because if you develop the app first and design it later, then you might run into some compatibility issues.

Add Distinctive Features

An application is as good as the solutions it offers. What solutions does your application offer? Asking yourself this question may help you come up with intriguing features. The point of doing that is so that your application stands out. If you are going to create something with a large niche, then you need something to make it stand out in the crowd. IN this case, an intriguing and distinct feature. For instance, there are many dating apps but Tinder is known for its trademark swiping system. While there are many chatting apps, Discord is known for having servers and optimal communication settings. Therefore, make sure your app has intriguing features.

Add Necessary APIs

You do not need to develop entirely new features of your app. For some, you can just use the existing APIs. For instance, if your application needs to have a map integration, then you can use Google map’s application programming interface, aka API. It will not only save you a lot of time, but also provide you with a tested and viable option. Therefore, make sure you add the necessary APIs.

Test & Upload

The final stages of an application are to test it thoroughly and fix any bugs. The more buggy your application is, the more chances it will have of underperforming. Make sure you put it through stress tests to ensure it has no troubles. However, uploading it depends entirely on the application store that you choose. Because both Google and Apple have their app store guidelines.

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