Benefits of online tutoring

online tutoring

Sometimes the knowledge provided in school is not enough for the students. School only teaches according to the examinations. Also, according to students the teacher is not enough for complete learning. One to one attention is not possible in online tutoring. A class of 40 minutes with 40 students is not enough for students to gain quality knowledge.

1. Save time: Taking offline tuition can be time taking. You have to move from one place to another to take classes. Online tutoring has reduced the traveling time for the students. Students can do other activities during that time. The traveling time can exhaust students and this affects their learning capability. With the help of online tutoring, the student can start studying with a fresh mind.

2. Removes limitation of geographic constraints: Online tutoring has removed the limitation of geographical boundaries. A student sitting in Delhi can take classes from a teacher sitting in Bangalore with the help of online tutoring. If you are living in a remote location where no good teachers are available then online tutoring is the best option for your kid.

3. Anytime anywhere: Students can record or the online lecture or if there are options available like to save or download the lecture then they can do that and revise the lecture anytime. If the classes are not live then they can study anytime they want. Some students are a night owl, they like to study during the night while some like to study during day time so online tutoring gives a flexible schedule. All you need is an electronic gadget like a phone, laptop computer or anything else and a good network connection and you can study anytime. 

4. Safe: As you know what the whole world is going through. Everyone is scared nowadays because of the pandemic caused by Novel CoronaVirus. You can safely give your kid a quality education without worrying about a virus attack. One can simply stay at home and take education from people living across boundaries. Isn’t it great?

5.  Available for all: Online class is not limited to a specified age group. From a kid to an aged person, anyone can learn anything through online tutoring without the feeling of awkwardness. Many adults want to learn but they are shy from society, online tutoring is the best platform for them.

6. Wide selection: Online tutoring provides a wide selection. From LKG to higher secondary education and undergraduate programs to post-graduate courses everything is available nowadays. Many students do an additional course to develop an additional skill in them so get a reputed job. Online tutoring provides knowledge that is not even taught in school. So, advanced knowledge can be gained through online tutoring.

7. No discrimination: In an offline class generally tutors do discrimination against their students. They give more attention to the students of their known and do certain things like that. This type of behavior is not seen in online tutoring. They pay equal attention to one and all. 

8. Technical knowledge: Online tutoring removes online fear. Many people want to run away from technical things. They think learning online is a tough job. But after taking a few classes their technical knowledge improves and the online fear decreases.

9. Economical: Online tutoring is cheaper than offline classes. Not only in the monetary form but concerning time and efforts as well. The traveling time and expenses are saved. And the traveling efforts of children is also saved.

10. Learning at an ease: Students can easily learn any topic or any lecture. Online tutoring has excellent features like pause, play, and replay. They can pause and play the recorded lecture and can replay the whole video. This feature enables a quality revision of chapters for the students. Teachers also use a whiteboard, screen sharing to explain properly. Teachers even teach through PowerPoint presentations and graphs to give quality knowledge. Generally, these kinds of teaching are not done by an offline tutor.

11. Fun and Interactive: Online tutoring can be fun and interactive with the help of technology. Teachers can make learning interactive with fun games. Students learn easily with this kind of learning. This will increase the interest of the student in a particular subject, students who think maths is boring and tough will love to do the sums.

12. Less waste: Online tutoring means less waste. In offline tuition, you have to make notes in a notebook, while in online tutoring notes are available online. You don’t have to worry if your notes are lost, you don’t have to make an extra print of notes in stock, you can easily download notes, save them in pdf format, and can easily revise anytime on phone, laptop, or tablet.

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