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Online School Management

Education  Online lessons using Lark

As a recommended tool that UNESCO has listed as a remote learning solution, Lark provides a comprehensive platform that addresses the collaborative needs of schools and educational institutions so that anyone can easily work and learn anytime, anywhere.

You can watch classes, write on the board, and do assignments, as well as group discussions, joint editing, schedule management, etc. By using tools that suit each purpose, you can concentrate more on teaching and learning. For specific uses of Lark, see Use Cases in the Education Industry .

With our Teacher’s Guide and Student’s Guide, you can easily take advantage of Lark in your online lessons.

Teacher’s Guide: 

Online lessons

 Realize classrooms at home

Q. How do I bring schools and lessons to Lark?

A.Here. Please click the, it can be done in a few minutes to register and set up an educational mechanism in Lark. For a detailed operation procedure, please see the following explanation video.

Q. How can I manage students by classifying them into different classes?

A. You can classify students by creating a chat group for each class. Class groups can easily share any document, including materials and materials used in materials and assignments. With a highly secure access control system, you can control access from the outside.

If you already have a list by class or student group, you can also access the Administration Console to categorize students’ online school portal system by user and department into their designated classes. You can quickly create department groups, so you can easily manage students in all classes and add new students automatically. Watch the following video to learn more about using the Lark Group.

Q. I have created a class, how can I invite teachers and students?

A . As shown in the following figure invitation – invite members to click, you can send an invitation to the Email or mobile phone of the other party. In addition, QR code or account code you can invite also to share. If you have a large number of invited members, you can bulk import from the admin console. Click here for the video (Currently, this video is available in English only. Youtube’s automatic translation function can be used to display subtitles in Japanese.)

Q. How do I attend a Lark class as a teacher or student?

A. There are various ways to attend a Lark class. You can easily join the class by scanning the QR code received from the invitee or entering the account code . You can also download Lark and join the class by clicking the invitation link sent to your email or mobile phone. For the detailed operation procedure, see the following explanation. Click here for details

Class remotening

 Share knowledge anytime, anywhere 

Q. How can I teach online?

A. Try Lark Video Conferencing! Lark video conferencing allows for two-way interaction and lively lessons. With just one click, teachers and students can join the class and have discussion-style lessons from anywhere. Students can also browse at their own pace by sharing screens of materials and materials on Lark with teachers. It also has a recording function, so you can look back at it later. Click here for details (currently available in English only. Japanese version is in preparation).

Q. How should I deal with a large number of classes and meetings?

A. Try Lark Live Stream! Lark’s live stream can be viewed by up to 1 million people. By launching the live stream and sharing the link with the viewer, the viewer will be able to access it from the Lark mobile version, PC version, or web version. You can also invite multiple participants to hold an online seminar. 

Q. How can I ensure that school announcements are visible to everyone?

A. Lark Please try the notification function! It is a tool that specializes in class notifications because it can be targeted and notified. The notification will appear as a notification card in Lark Chat and ask the recipient for confirmation. Click here for details

Please note: The “Notification Function” is currently available in English only.

Student Guide: 

Support learning

We provide tools to help you reach your goals

Q. I received an invitation link from my teacher. How can I attend a class?

A. First of all , scan the QR code or enter your account code to download Lark to your PC or mobile. Also, if you have received an invitation link, you can download Lark and join the class by clicking on the link provided. For the detailed operation procedure, see the following explanation.

Q. How can I keep track of class and classmate schedules and set up and organize meetings?

A. Manage your schedule with the Lark calendar. In addition to the basic calendar functions, you can arrange meetings and private chats.

Q. Can I use Lark on the go?

A. With the highest level mobile apps, Lark is as easy to use as the desktop version on the mobile version. All the features available on the desktop version are now available on the mobile version, so you can study with Lark using your favorite device. Read the Lark Blog (currently available in English only)Cooperation between people creates great power.

 Collaborate with friends and team members to improve your teamwork

Q. How do I create a team and collaborate?

A. Lark makes communication between teachers, other students, and other groups very easy. For example, you can use Lark’s rich messenger features to create lesson groups and develop your creativity through collaboration. 

Q. What about the project? How can I collaborate if my team can’t meet in person?

A. Lark Docs gives you an unprecedented experience in document work. In addition to document creation, editing, and commenting functions, Lark Docs allows you to collaborate on files, so you can share one file with everyone and manage your project.Try Lark Drive! Lark Drive makes it easy to keep your documents organized.

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