Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults

Quran Classes

The Quran is the complete guide to leading a happy and successful life according to the commandments of Allah. Therefore, it is essential to learn the Quran and apply its teachings in our lives. The best time to learn the Quran is to understand it in childhood. However, if you did not learn, the second best time to learn the Quran is to learn it now. 

If you face trouble while getting time to go to a Madrasa, you and your children can learn it as online madrasa offers online Quran classes for kids and adults. 

 Moreover, the Quran wants your total devotion to learning it flawlessly. You can learn the Quran perfectly with full attention when you learn it without any problem. Modern-day technology has enabled you to access every facility at your fingertips. Similarly, you can register yourself and your kids in any Quran courses online madrasa offers. 

The Online Madrasa is a one-stop destination for learning the Quran. It offers various Quran learning courses in flexible timings helpful for students of all ages. If you are living in Western countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. the main aim of the madrasa is to spread the light of the Quran across the world. For this purpose, the management has introduced different courses and classes of Quran and Islam learning for adults and kids. 

Online Quran Classes for Kids 

Online Madrasa offers customized online Quran Classes for kids. Now, your kids can perfectly learn the Quran with all its principles. You can choose flexible class timing for your children to learn the Quran quickly. However, mention the class timing while filling out the application form. In the presence of professional Quran scholars, the students learn the Quran with full passion and enthusiasm.  

You can register your kids to learn the Quran in various courses.

Online Quran courses for kids

The Online Madrasa gives its students various courses designed for the kids according to their intellect level. 

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Tajweed ul Quran
  • Quran Reading
  • Quran Memorization 
  • Learn Ten Qirat 
  • Islamic Knowledge
  • Arabic Language

Online Quran classes for adults

The best feature of Online Madrasa courses is that they benefit beginners and those who want to excel in Quran knowledge. If you have learned to recite the Quran but want to shine your mind with the advanced knowledge of the Quran, the online madrasa offers special courses for adults. However, if you haven’t, you can start learning the Quran from the basics with skilled Arabic and non-Arabic teachers. First, start learning from the Norani Qaida course.

The Online Madrsa has structured the syllabus for the following courses. 

Online Quran courses for adults

Adults can take part in the following courses of Online Madrasa.

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Tajweed ul Quran
  • Quran Reading
  • Quran Memorization 
  • Learn Ten Qirat 
  • Islamic Knowledge
  • Arabic Language
  • Quran Ijaza
  • Quran Tafseer 
  • Islamic Supplications
  • Islamic Studies

All these courses are just a step away from you. Online Madrasa is an institution with all the features a student wants to benefit from. If you want to gain admission to any of the Quran learning courses, follow these simple steps.

How to register for Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults?

Online Madrasa allows students to easily register for both Online Quran Classes for Kids and Online Quran Classes for Adults. 

  • Visit the website, and fill in the form. 
  • Tick against the course you want to take admission in.
  • Choose the package plan, as there are 4 based on the number of classes a week.
  • Choose the payment method and currency, as there are options to pay in USD, Euro, GBP, AUD, etc. 
  • Select the timing of your classes as online madrasa offers classes in flexible timings

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email from the management. If you did not receive it, contact the given phone numbers or upload your queries to online support. The madrasa offers its students 24/7 customer support services. 


Online Madrasa offers online Quran Classes for kids and adults. You can easily register for any of the courses mentioned above. The classes’ timing is flexible, and the fees for these classes are affordable and reasonable. In the presence of professional Islamic theology teachers, you can learn a deep understanding of the Quran. For more information about learning the Quran, keep visiting our blog. 


  • Where can I learn the Quran?

You can learn the Quran online by contacting Online Madrasa, one of the best institutions for Quran learning, offering various courses to students in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. 

  • Are online Quran classes suitable?

Yes, online Quran classes are suitable as they are time-saving and affordable. 

  • How to learn the Quran quickly for kids?

Online Madrasa offers some introductory Quran learning courses that help learn the Quran quickly for kids.