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Quran learning methods are not like before. They are now different from the traditional methods and online institutes are playing an important role. Many institutes offer online classes to Momineen. There are some differences between online and madrassa teaching.  The teachers also have to teach in different ways in different modes. There is always some difference in the methods the teachers deliver lectures. They also interact differently with students. So, learning the Quran is much different in a virtual environment. When you learn online, you should be more responsible and conscious about learning.

When you want to learn online, you must join an online academy. There are certain demands and requirements for learning with an online academy. You must meet those demands for learning the Quran lessons efficiently.  Students have to be very attentive during their lessons. Moreover, they must know how to use Skype or other applications for attending online classes. The most popular way to learn the Quran online is to take live classes. In these classes, a live teacher delivers the lectures. These are the most effective methods to learn. Joining an online Shia Quran academy can be very helpful to Momineen in learning any course they want.

The Impact Of Technology On Quran Learning

Online academies use technology in offering Quran courses. The technological advancements facilitate Quran learning among Momineen across the world. Hence, it will result in better learning outcomes. With the help of the internet, the Quran education can reach all corners of the world. It is now quite easy to accomplish Quran learning goals. Technology provides the best opportunities to learn and master Quranic knowledge and become practicing Momineen.

Online teachers also have to become familiar with online teaching tools and technology to teach. They also have to learn the latest methods of teaching. A very qualified Quran teacher must be competent in using technology. If a teacher who is very expert in the Quran has no skills in online teaching is useless. Online Quran courses are available in all parts of the world. It is a great deal for Shia Muslims to find Shia teachers. The technology is giving flexible options to students to learn Islamic courses. The flexibility is not present in traditional madrassa environments online. So, we can say that technology has a great impact on the learning of students.

Online Academies for Shia Muslims

The most common method that online academies use is Skype learning. It is a software application that helps in communication. Students and teachers both have to install Skype on their devices for teaching and learning. Some important features that facilitate online learning on Skype include audio/ video conversation and screen sharing. Through audio or video conversations, the students can interact with each other without any problem. In madrassa learning, there is also a teacher that teaches in real-time. In online learning, a live teacher also teaches in real-time. So, in both cases, a teacher offers teaching services. The only difference is the use of technology.

In an online environment, the teacher teaches the courses face-to-face. In the online environment, there is no face-to-face interaction with the teacher. There is an online interaction but still, it is very helpful. Online academies are very beneficial for Momineen. When a Shia teacher is not physically available, these online academies are the best options. Joining an online academy is also a simple option because there are no complicated steps. You only have to fill a registration form for registering to the academy. Some online academies do not involve any registration process. So, you only have to contact the Quran center and talk to them. The representative there will talk to you and you can decide your schedule. You can also decide what course you are interested in.

How Online Academies Can Give Effective Learning Experience

Online academies give the most effective learning experience to the students. The students get flexibility and you can learn at any time. You can also choose any course from a teacher from any part of the world. Shia Muslims choose only Shia teachers so students are free to choose teachers from any part of the world. When you want to be successful in online learning, you must have the motivation to learn.  In an online academy, students can learn in a better way. The reason is that the teachers are the experts. They can give full attention to students through the one-to-one session.

Online academies are very conscious about their reputation. So, they hire expert teachers for teaching their students. This is the reason, students can learn better in an e-learning environment but the academy must be reputable. Learning in an online academy is not only useful, but it also lowers costs. The students do not have to travel so their transportation charges do not count.  The fee of the online teachers/ academies is also low. The learning of students takes place in real-time. The teachers offering virtual classes require video/audio conferencing. The students can also talk to the teachers by text messaging. Both students and teachers have to be present on the same platform.

The teachers allow the students to ask questions during and after the lesson. The students can also make discussions about the lesson. This participation helps students to learn in a better way. If you want to learn effectively, you must set clear guidelines and maintain etiquette. Parents are also satisfied with online academies because they can keep an eye on their children. Females learn effectively at their homes without stepping out. They can learn with female teachers individually. So efficient learning is possible if you choose to learn online with an Online Shia Academy.

Learn Effectively with Masoomeen Quran Center

There are many academies for online learning but Masoomeen Quran center is the best one. The teachers at the academy are the experts and they also belong to the Shia sect. Hence, MQC is the best platform for Momineen to learn Shia Quran courses.  Learning with this academy will offer you a very different experience from the local madrassa. The technology makes Quran learning easy and affordable to everyone. You can find Shia teachers for any course and learn from the comfort of your home.  The academy offers live classes to the students at the time whenever students want. The teachers are available 24/7 to facilitate worldwide Shia Muslims.


If you want to learn the best, you can choose an online academy. These academies are becoming very popular all around the world. The benefits of online learning are unlimited for Shia Muslims. Now, there is no difficulty for Momineen to find any Shia course and teacher. All the courses are available and every student can access them.

There is no better place for Momineen than these online platforms. If you are also looking for Quran learning, you should choose an online academy. Get familiar with the latest technology and start learning the courses from the comfort of your home. Students also get the best teacher support and they can learn very well. Whenever there is any difficulty, a teacher is always there to help. So, it is quite obvious that online learning is helpful to everyone.

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