Imagine if education was imparted with the help of the games. What if our entire education system was based on games! Interesting world, isn’t it? The aviation and healthcare industry is already following this approach, maybe now is the time to introduce this kind of learning in the other sectors too. We understand the one common question popping up in everyone’s head right now- Why game-based learning? Well, the one-size-fits-all is the not the right approach that is being to teach around the world. Every person is unique, so are his needs and choices. Apart from this there are various reasons because of which game based learning is being promoted in educational institutions and various other sectors of the society.  Let us discuss a few reasons behind game-based learning being the healthiest and happiest way to learn new things:

Games And Learning

Boosts self-learning and motivation

To keep the students interested and motivated in their studies is very difficult task; forget making them sit for hours to do the same! To make them do so you need to always keep them motivated and inspired. With getting motivation it becomes a very hard task for the students to complete their tasks and because of which many children especially from the economically weaker sections drop out of school.

Children are the future of the world and if the future does not have the knowledge of things imagine how the world is going to end up! To make the future of the world “Children” always interested and excited to study there must be a way out. And, the way out is “Games”. Imagine the most favorite time pass for kids becomes their way of learning? Who wouldn’t love to study then!

With this kind of learning the stress of the children will vanish and they will be able to retain the concepts better. Children learn the concepts instantly.


Did you know that playing games develops the non-cognitive skills?

And, the non-cognitive skills include?

Patience, motivation, self-control and perseverance are the non-cognitive skills that are building blocks of anyone’s life. For a person to succeed in his/her life the cognitive skills are just as important as intelligence.

Games are highly beneficial for those who have special learning needs

One size fits all is a kind of teaching methodology that certainly cannot address the needs of every student. Especially, for the special cases like dyslexia or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) the cognition is different than weak.

Children with special needs can learn faster and easily with the game-based learning by playing games like strategy games, apple shooter games, puzzle games as it is adaptive to technologies and the new learning techniques.

Brings out the collective potential of every individual

It is human nature to perform and function better in networks but the traditional learning processes hardly give us the opportunity or the time to do the same. Online gaming helps foster development, engagement of the students, increases the interaction and engagement of the students which further promotes developing social skills and collective intelligence.

Allows a child to judge his/her own potential

A child must be aware about his/her own potential, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. If a child gets to know his potential and accepts it then it is helpful in the longer run. If a person knows where he stands amongst his peers and performs according to the capabilities only then he can flourish, working on the shortcomings and by polishing the skills. You must have heard that “Too many expectations can hurt”, even if those expectations are from your own self.

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Rohit Bimbrahw working as a project manager at Most Fun Games. His desire is to test and play every kind of video game. You can too try some of his favorite games like; Notdoppler, Raft Wars, territory war, super Mario flash, skull kid, dad n me. So, hurry up and play your favorite game online for free of cost.

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