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Are you planning to build an online presence for your real estate business? The real estate industry is achieving its new dimension while moving online.

What’s the very first step that you think is essential when you are opting for a digital presence? Many of you will vote for developing a website. Too good. But more important than building a website is to list your business name in online directories.

A business listing in online directories builds the brand presence online. It ensures that the brand you are searching for has a proper website and notable online service. While you hire real estate internet marketing services, make sure you take business listing seriously. The experts are specialized in this. Don’t worry!

Here are some online directories where you can list the business name of your real estate business.

5 Best real estate online directories to amplify your business presence online

  1. is designed to build a one-stop destination for both buyers and sellers related to property. And guess what, it turned out to be a great platform where you can search and research properties, mortgage assets, and find a perfect agent to deal with.

    If you are looking for a property online directory where you can enjoy advertising options as well, is the right URL to search for. Give it a try and list your business name in this directory. Here you will get buyers and sellers profiles, advanced calculators for calculating mortgages of properties, home search function, snap and search option, and many more. is a wonderful destination to run paid ads and connect to the prospects searching locally. Don’t miss this out.  

  2. LandWatch: Many often we find the online directories for real estate businesses only prefer urban assets. But what if you are looking for buying and selling a property in a rural market? Nothing can be better than LandWatch. List your business name and enjoy the prospects who are interested in rural properties.

    If your real estate agency is completely designed for the prospects interested in the rural market, you should waste no time to register your name in LandWatch. Here you can search for hunting lands, farmlands, development sites, ranches, timberland, and other rural investment areas. You can also use this site for advertising auctions.  

  3. Homes and Land: Homes and Land is a home for buyers, sellers, and agents related to assets. If you are interested in real estate marketing, this particular directory can turn out to be pure bliss.
     The directory is responsible for generating leads, winning listings, finding and impressing sellers, browsing relevant buyers, and building a strong brand reputation online. Due to the presence of such traits, millions of visitors prefer to use this directory to meet their desires.

    Why don’t you take the leverage and list your business name so that the visitors may find you as well? 
  4. Have you heard of the National Association of Realtors? is all about this. It is a hub where thousands of realtors display their businesses or sites to encourage prospects.

    Listing your business name on Realtor is cost-free. Here you can find a strong connection between the realtors and buyers, featuring their services online. Since the realtors belong to the National Association of Realtors, they take no time to gain trust and receive brand credibility.

    Other than find the professional and reliable realtors, you can even uncover detailed overviews of local housing markets, get a grip on the latest market trends, discover the competitors, access the calculators required to measure the mortgages, and many more. The advanced functionalities Realtor offers is incredible for the first time users.  

  5. Zillow: Zillow is a high ranked online directory where you can find lands, properties, and agents to buy, rent, sell, or shop mortgages. The directory shows an awesome user experience that includes both mobile-friendly gestures and user-navigation.
     Thousands of realtors and their properties are listed in this directory. And the best thing is, around 25 million users every month visit this directory to find their relevant searches.

    Zillow is noted for driving a good percentage of traffic every month. If you are a real estate agency, Zillow can be the perfect destination to register your name. It offers multiple platforms to cater to your real estate needs.


Business listing helps the brand to gain an online presence, improve its local visibility on local searches, strengthen the brand reputation online, and help the online users to discover more about the business.

Don’t you want your business to generate brand awareness? If yes, don’t miss out on listing your business name on top online directories based on the real estate industry. You can seek support by hiring digital marketing services.

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