Are Online Degree Courses Valid in India?

online degree courses

An online MBA program is the one in which the course content can be imparted without a student’s physical presence. There is no need to be physically present to study. For working professionals considering a full-time or part-time MBA program, or pursuing Distance MBA in another geographical location might not seem like a viable decision. It is so as they might be with their family and taking a break from work or relocating to a new place. Additionally, individuals living in remote locations also lack access to quality education. This is where the emergence of online learning courses play a pivotal role in the current education system.

The Rising Popularity of Online MBA courses

Presently, online degree courses are becoming increasingly popular in India as well as abroad. These courses are specially for students who prefer acquiring education via digital mediums over the conventional medium of regular classroom teaching. By definition, online degree programs offer a professional certificate from an accredited college or university upon completion of the course by a student through various digital mediums. Online courses are good for students who want a flexible course that enables to study at their own time and place.

Structure & Regulation of Online Degree Courses in India

In the old days, online degree courses were not seen as important in India. The primary reason behind passing the approval on the offering of online degree courses in India is to extend all students an equal opportunity to access higher education with ease irrespective of their location. However, with its growing popularity in India, the entire scenario of online education has witnessed tremendous changes. The government of India has formed regulations and frameworks under which colleges and universities can offer online learning courses. However, there are several clauses present that colleges and universities need to adhere in order to offer online courses. Some of the important clauses include:-

  • To begin with, colleges and universities should be in recognition by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • Online courses should be non-technical in nature. This means colleges or universities cannot offer courses in medicine or technology.

Current Scenario of Online Degree Courses in India

Earlier, online education in India was principally limited to online certificate courses. However, due to government approval and recognition on online degree programs, various leading education institutes are offering degree courses in domains. Some of the courses are business management, finance, arts, etc. This growth is significantly helping in solving the impediments of conventional education. It is with regards to its inability to reach all the nook and corners of this vast country. Today even the government is intending to improve its gross enrolment ratio in higher education through online learning courses.

The growth of online degree programs has enabled students to gain quality education irrespective of their financial and locational challenges. By providing an easy acquire of education, online courses have given students a fair opportunity to build a strong career for themselves and pave the way for better future prospects.

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