Online courses for CFA level 1 exams: Why it is beneficial

As a CFA aspirant, you must be well aware of the value and significance of the exam and the different levels you need to clear. It is a three-level exam that tests the knowledge and proficiency of candidates in portfolio management, investment management, and ethical standards. Talking about the first level exam in CFA, it is focused on testing the knowledge and understanding of investment tools along with basic ethics and professional standards. You can learn and study CFA level 1 online to cover all the topics in detail.

CFA, an acronym for Chartered Financial Analyst is a professional certification offered by the American-based CFA Institute to post-graduate financial professionals. Students who appear and clear this exam are awarded a professional designation in the field of Finance and Investment that is valued and recognized worldwide. The CFA level 1 exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions conducted in two sessions of 135 minutes each. Every candidate must attend both these sessions to get an exam result.

study CFA level 1 online

Preparing for a CFA level 1 exam can be challenging owing to its high value and global recognition. The topics are wide-ranging and important to clear the exam. Following the program curriculum is the best way to lead the preparation process. However, having the study materials and resources is not sufficient to prepare for the exam. The syllabus for the CFA exam is above the basic knowledge of finance professionals thus requires expert guidance. For this, you can study CFA level 1 online to ensure good preparation for the exam.

Online courses for CFA level 1 exams can help you elevate the preparation process by giving valuable guidance. Other reasons why it is beneficial for CFA aspirants are as follows:

Detailed course structure

Online courses for the CFA level 1 exams are usually tailored to cover every topic in detail for better understanding. The course structure is made up of separate modules each discussing in-detail explanations of a specific topic. The courses are aimed to give in-depth knowledge about the concepts so the preparation gets easier for the candidate. All the topics are well discussed so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Self-paced learning

Since the CFA degree is pursued by post-graduate candidates who hold professional experience, it is difficult for them to attend regular tuition classes physically. Work-life balance is a crucial thing that cannot be overlooked. You can learn and study CFA level 1 online without abandoning your professional career. The online courses offer recorded lectures and workshops that you can watch anytime you want. You don’t have to rush to meet class deadlines and timings.

Effective learning through video, graphics & animation

Learning becomes fun and easy with visual content. Long texts and content are boring and difficult to remember. Through visual learning modes, you can better understand and retain important information. You don’t have to make notes and mark texts for continuous revisions. Watching the lecture videos is sufficient to process, understand, and retain the course content efficiently. You can start learning anytime, anywhere you want without having to carry heavy textbooks.

Top educators & quality guidance

The online courses are presented by a team of CFA Charterholders and top industry professionals who excel in their respective fields. They offer valuable insights and guide you throughout the preparation process. You can rest assured of the quality of learning and can perform really well in the exams.

Credible study resources

Another advantage of studying for the CFA level 1 exam online is the access to credible and useful study resources. These courses have a well-researched and made collection of videos, animations, question banks, practice paper, etc. It is aimed to ensure an overall preparation for the exam that includes concept understanding, learning, and appearing for the exam.

Being a prestigious investment management designation, clearing the CFA exam is quite difficult. However, if you are a dedicated aspirant you can pass the exam with constant preparation and quality guidance. Enrolling in online courses for preparing for the CFA Level 1 exam can be beneficial. Check out the available courses and register yourself today!