6 Online Business Ideas You Can Start on the Side

online business ideas

A lot of people fancy the idea of running an online business on the side. It’s an easy way to make extra income. However, that doesn’t mean that starting it and getting in the business is easy. You need to do a lot of research before you sail into the online business waters.

Generally, there are thousands of different jobs you can do online. The only question is how time-consuming and cost-efficient they are? Do you need to invest money to start it? Here are 6 online business ideas you can start on the side right now.

1. Social media marketing

One of the first things that attract people to start an online business is that you can easily make money, with little to none starting capital. However, you do need to invest a certain amount of knowledge if you want to be successful in that field.

Who doesn’t like social media? We spend hours and hours every day scrolling through the different posts, liking, sharing, and commenting on content someone else made. What if we told you that you can be the one that creates content and interacts with various people? Many brands and companies need a social media manager that will keep their business on track. So, what’s stopping you from turning your past time activity into a profitable business?

2. Create a course or a podcast

Do you have the knowledge or the story that might be useful to the world? Why keep it for yourself when you can share with others and make money off it? One of the biggest perks of this side hustle is that it is not as time-consuming as many other online jobs.

Create an interactive course or make an interesting podcast you’ll post on different apps, websites and blogs. Make the money off your ability to tell an interesting story people will love. Make it educational and entertaining to earn the trust of the podcast listeners. If you have a lot of experience in, for instance, pottery, make an online course that will teach people about different types of clay and how to make their own dishes.

3. Consulting and therapy

In the 21st century, care about the wellbeing and mental health became extremely important. Besides that, skill improvements and obtaining new abilities is a new trend every larger and smaller company wants for their employees. If you’re qualified to give expert advice or you’re a licensed therapist, psychologist or counselor, consider online consulting.

You can use your knowledge and expertise to help many people. The best thing is that you can organise your sessions and time however you like. You’re your own boss. Earn money from the comfort of your home. Just make sure to promote your services well to your target audiences.

4. Online fitness/ yoga coach

Just like it’s crucial to take care of your mental health, you need to worry about physical health as well. Yoga and fitness are becoming more and more popular across the world. Even though yoga is an eastern spiritual, physical and mental discipline, many people across the globe learned its benefits.

So, if you’re a physically fit person who likes to go to the gym, why don’t you organise your own fitness or yoga classes online.  Become an online fitness coach or yoga instructor. You can have as many attendees as you like because there is no space to limit you. Besides that, you can film videos to post on YouTube and other social media platforms and earn your money through ads and commissions.

5. Run an online boutique

Even though there are thousands of clothing stores all over the world, if you offer something unique like stylish bodycon dresses chances are you’ll be a success. People will always shop for clothes. Making an online boutique only brings you closer to your customers and provides faster service for them.

 If you sell only high-quality clothing that will make each woman or man feel absolutely beautiful and handsome, you’ve reached your goal.  Open your own platform or website where you can sell wholesales clothes. It takes minimal effort to get the online shop going. You don’t even have to have a website. Just use social media, but be careful about their selling policies. 

6. Create handmade goods

Who doesn’t love having something original or handmade in their house? There are numerous niches and fields you can try out as a handmade creator. The whole world can be your creative canvas. So, try doing something you love and earn money by selling it online.

Research the market carefully, and put down a list of the most profitable handmade goods you can sell online. Even if you’re not quite skillful straight away, be patient. Handmade things aren’t pure talent. It takes a lot of hard work as well. So, don’t give up easily. Creating something yourself can be a real stress relief, plus, you’ll make some extra cash!


The possibilities for online work are endless. If you need a side-hustle to think about these 6 ideas for an online business. One of the biggest pros is that you won’t have to commit to full-time work if you don’t want to. Simply, work a couple of hours during the day or even week and make some additional income for you and your family.

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