Tools Required for Providing Plumbing Services

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Well, on demand plumbing and its services include gas, water, sanitary, waterproofing, drainage, mechanical services, metal proofing, fireproofing and many other similar services. Plumber’s skills are not only limit to resolve the drainage system issues, their services include many other services too. An automatic machine can’t solve their business. Their work is so much sense that can do manually by human hands. According to the studies, from more than 10 years, the demand for a plumber as well as their services have never been decreased. Their demands are always increasing dramatically.

People who are skilled in plumbing or quite aware about the plumber services, they can think about commencing their own on demand plumbing business. But, starting with a business campaign just won’t let you earn anything. You will have to be acknowledged with tools and equipment that are required for providing the services. But, if you are naive in plumber services, then you have to start right from the plumbing tools from the beginning.

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Here are some of the tool that professional plumbers usually use.


Screwdrivers are the most common tools. It used in various places to fix or tighten up things that loose from their places. In plumbing business, this tool is the key to open up all the screws. The most basic screwdrivers are available in the shape of a star as well as in plus shape. There are many screwdriver points are available in the market.

Pipe Cutters

This tool is big wrench like a cutter that used for cutting the plastic as well as metal pipes that are used in various places like the drainage system, water supply, gas supply and many more. It top sections of a pipe cutter is adjustable according to the size of pipe.

Measuring Tape

It is the most common equipment that every handyman keeps in their pocket. Measuring tape is one of the smallest tools that use to measure the size and shape of the equipment used in plumbing. It is a small rolling tape that fits perfectly in the pocket and very easy to use if a person is familiar with measuring the SI unit.


This jaw like shaped tool is adjustable from its head. It has a long handle that helps plumber to hold it tightly with the grip. There are many types of wrenches are available in the market with different shapes and size. Mostly wrenches are totally adjustable and used in many cases. Like adjusting the pipe, basin, removing or fitting the pipe.


The plunger is the primary tool of the plumber and it is basically use to create a vacuum to remove accumulated material from the multiple places. Like a basin, toilets, sinks as well as bathtub. The vacuum creating part is made of rubber. With the help of the rubber part, the clogged section gets unclogged.


It is used to controls the flow of water through the faucets as well as a showerhead. The washer is a like simple flat rounded disk that is available in plastic as well as in metal too.

Teflon Tape

By the name, it says it is made up of Teflon which is usually in white color. This equipment is basically use for securing the continuous connectivity of any type of pipe, wire, faucets, shower heads and many more similar things. Teflon tape use to keep the connections tight and secure as well as leak-proof too. It is actually an essential tool for every plumber as, without a Teflon tape, the work will be incomplete.

Faucet Wrench

It is one the special tool that use to tighten up lose the faucet. It has two faces, one face fix and it use for holding the wrench. The other side of the wrench is adjustable and use to hold the faucets. It can hold the different size of faucets as it adjust through a swing arm integrated by the side of it.

Drilling Machine

Well, the drilling machine is a tool that use various handymen like electrician, carpenter, appliances installation person and many others. And for a plumber, it is the most essential tools for making holes in various places. Plumbers maintain the drainage system of one single house or the whole building. To install any new faucet, pipe, wire or any other thing, they require making a hole. For making holes, a drilling machine is a must tool.


Let’s talk about some safety gears of a plumber and gloves are the one that every plumber should wear before commencing any task or job. Gloves help in many ways, it helps a plumber to keep their grip perfect as mostly the things he or she makes contact are wet. Also, working through bare hands can cause different types of infect as the area where drainage system is installed are not safe at all. They are already fill with mosquitoes, insects, algae and many other irritating things that can cause some or the other skin problem.

Easy Plumbing Services Business

Now you may be familiar with tools that use in the on demand plumbing business. Moreover, You can commence your own business and for more leads, you can purchase plumber on demand app so that your client can find you easily. Get your on demand plumbing app today and consider it as your future investment.

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