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Can we make an app that delivers marijuana? Is it legally allowed to develop an app and deliver marijuana to someone’s doorstep? Yes, the governments of specific countries have legalized cannabis consumption for medicinal and recreational purposes. Thus, it is legally possible to start your business by launching an On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App.

If you are interested in developing an On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App, similar to Instacart Clone App for ordering food, you are on the right page. If your government has legalized the medical/recreational use of marijuana, you can implement On-Demand Cannabis Delivery App using reputed app development services.

What Is On-Demand Marijuana Delivery Business & What Makes It Attractive

The on-demand cannabis delivery business is all about delivering high-quality medical and recreational marijuana to its users.

The app will connect you with legal cannabis vendors, suppliers, and dispensaries.

The primary reason it has attracted entrepreneurs worldwide is

  • Easy to develop an app and reach out to the customers
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • It is a sustainable business model
  • Your online Marijuana Business gets maximum brand visibility
marijuana delivery app

On-Demand Cannabis Delivery – Business Models To Consider

There are 3 types of on-demand cannabis delivery apps to choose from.

Single-store model

If you already own cannabis business, building a single cannabis store is advisable.

Developing an On-Demand Cannabis Delivery App will scale up your business. The app acts as a virtual store for you where the customers will be placing their medical marijuana orders.

You can prepare the order and deliver it accordingly. The app handles the entire operation. Since cannabis deliveries are time-sensitive, it requires them to be dispatched and delivered on time. For this, you can either hire a 3rd party delivery service or you can have your delivery fleet.

The best part about running a single store is that you get to enjoy the entire share of the profits.

Aggregator Model

It is one of the most preferred app models that facilitates the smooth purchase of cannabis and delivers the same. The app will have legal marijuana vendors offering a variety of weed and cannabis products. The users will place orders with the vendors suiting their marijuana requirements who are available nearby.

In exchange, the admin will charge the commission on every delivery processed. Delivery of medical marijuana is taken care of by the 3rd party delivery partners or by the vendors themselves.

Delivery Model

In this app model, the role of the app owner/admin is to become a delivery partner of the legal cannabis providers.

It is the best suitable app model for those who don’t run a cannabis business or have resources in the business of marijuana but still wish to venture into on-demand cannabis delivery apps.

With this app model, you can become their delivery partner, tying up with the marijuana dispensaries as well as other weed stores offering delivery services. In exchange for the services, you will charge them a commission once the order is fulfilled.

Steps To Make On-Demand Cannabis Delivery App

Know your demographics and get licenses 

To run an On-Demand Cannabis Delivery App, you’ll be required to accomplish the legalities. But the future looks profitable with marijuana being legalized. There are still plenty of restrictions and it requires taking care of the legal aspects of running this business. This means getting the necessary permits and licenses from the government.

Also, when building the app and doing the necessary formalities, requires knowledge of your demographics. Knowing what your customers like to use will allow you to have more Marijuana and Weed products to attract more users.

Decide which business model you wish to launch

This blog explained the business models to you. You can choose the one that suits your business needs. Based on the business model you choose, you can implement the relevant revenue model to gain more profits.

Developing On-Demand Medical Marijuana App 

This might be trickiest part, finding a reputed On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App Development Company. Having the right app development partner will make a huge difference in developing a smooth functioning app. The app will have the latest features and functionalities, user-friendly navigation, integrated with multi-lingual languages and curriencies, and not to forget secured online payment options. This helps build an online presence for your business. What’s more post-purchase of the app development team will provide you with all the necessary technical details, upgradation, and bug support for a year, and that too at no extra cost.

Wrapping Up

The legalization of the cannabis market, is ever-growing and one of the most profitable avenues today.

In the future, more countries will be legalizing Marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Getting permission to run an On-demand Marijuana Delivery business and having all the licensing formalities is a challenge, but it is worth it.

Feel free to contact a professional On-Demand Weed Delivery App company that has years of experience in developing On-Demand Apps. This guide is to help you get the clarity of having an app delivering Marijuana.

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