Planning to deliver a gift for your loved ones? We are here: Roadie app clone


With sending a cupcake or furniture to your destination there are different applications available nowadays to make your life easier and compatible which helps in delivering your packages without taking much time and that too safely. This delivery service app provides for big items as well as for small items.

Need to send couch across the country or town? Don’t have a large car to bring home that new refrigerator? We are here for that!

There are different special features of an on-demand delivery app

It saves our time:

Don’t waste your time getting stuck in the traffic or running to get deliver your package to the destination.

Send big items at less cost:

These applications are the cheapest way to deliver the big items also.

delivery service app

Get individualize pick-up and delivery:

From big items to small, these applications offer private, door-to-door delivery without the rule and inconvenience of the post office.

Fast delivery:

On-demand delivery applications provide their users with a fast mode of delivery to their destination.

Transparent fees:

There are no hidden charges to avail the service. The charges to deliver any item whether it is small or big is cheaper and no additional charges are here. 


With the growing competition in the industry of on demand delivery app, every company seeks to provide the service in nominal fees. Here, no expensive packing to deliver the products.


Customers can easily track the products and gather information about the product whether it has been delivered or not.

Safe payment method:

Payment gateway method used here is undoubtedly safe.


Offer to regular customers from time to time generally during festive seasons.

Feedback and Reviews:

Customers can give feedback and reviews about the service depending on their past experiences. Feedback also helps the company to provide its services in a better way and to bring improvement in their services.


Insurance cover policies are also done for expensive and big items that have to be delivered.

Promo codes:

Promo code offers unbeatable discounts to the customers by referring this app to new customers.

Schedule your delivery:

If a customer wants to send furniture to his/her desired destination in the future. He/she can do pre-booking for delivering the item with schedule bookings option.

Professional Employees:

Employees here are totally professional and they deliver the packages on time and that too safely. They are given a proper training session before they are hired.

Easy payment options:

Easy payment options are provided to their customers. The customer can pay the bill in cash, by credit card or debit card. Wallet option is also available in the application.

If you are planning for a venture and want to earn the indomitable amount of profit you can start your own business like Roadie by launching delivery service app clone which is reliable and grasp a positive image in the industry.

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