The On-demand Car Wash App Is Your Best Aid To Start Your Car Wash Business In 2022

Launch the Mobile Car Wash App Clone and Start Your Business By Earning Millions of US Dollars! This Super-Useful App gives your Users the Pleasure of getting their Cars Spot-less and Sparkle Cleaned by a Professional Car Washer. Let’s check out the Easy-To-Follow Steps that liberate your App Users with the Car Wash Worries – 

Log-In Into the Car Wash App:

The App User can easily open the Car Wash App using Valid Credentials. Even, one can Log-in into the App by using their Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter Account. 

Select the Required Car Wash Services:

From a Comprehensive List of Car Washing Services, the App User can choose to go with Single as well as Multiple Services. There are Different Car Washing Services available such as Classic Washing, Detailed External Washing, and Coating and Protection. 

Choose from a List of Top Featured Car Washers:

Depending on the Selected Services, the App User would be displayed with a List of Car Wash Professionals. One can check the Profile of the Car Washer that would reflect its Name, Ratings and Reviews, and Gallery Portfolio. 

car wash app

Add the Service Location:

Now, the Car Cleaning App Users can select the Service Location that would be their Residence Address or any other Location where the Car is Available to be washed. One can Type the Service Location, or simply Drag and Pin the Location on the Map.  

Select the Date and Time of Service:

The Car Owner has the Option to choose from the Book Now or Book Later Option. If one selects the ‘Book Now’ Option, one is assigned the Car Washer Professional right away. But, if one is choosing the ‘Book Later’ Option, the Car Owner has to select the suitable Date and Time when the Car Wash is required.

Select the Preferred Payment Mode:

The App Users now get Three Different Payment Options to choose from – In-App Wallet Transfer, Credit Cards, or Cash. 

At this Stage, the Selected Car Washer receives the Job Request. After reviewing the Job Request, the Car Washer Professional accepts the Service Request. On the other hand, the User of the On-Demand Car Care App gets an ‘In-App Graphical Notification’ that ‘Car Washer has accepted your Service Request.

The App User can now keep a Track of the Real-Time Location of the Car Washer. Besides this, the Car Owner has the Option to click on the ‘View On-Going Job’ Button where the one would be able to see the Real-Time Status of the Car Wash Service. Moreover, the App User can also have an Internal Chat with the Car Washer as soon as the Service Request is accepted and until the Job actually begins. The App User can also make use of the VOIP Based Call Masking Feature to place an In-App Call to the Car Washer. This Call is placed Over the Internet, and thus the Phone Numbers of both the App User and Car Washer are not displayed to each-other thereby further facilitating Robust Data Privacy. 


The Mobile Car Wash App is a Way to House the Heart’ of App Users! This Innovative App allows your Users the Luxury of getting their Extravagant Car Washed and Prepared at its Own Parking Spot.  Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you want to be the First Millionaire of your Family? Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute and Take your First Step towards Kicking-Off Your Own Car Wash Business!

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