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Jake recently got this Excellent Entrepreneurial Idea wherein he wishes to offer 20 types of different Services to people in the States. He wishes to build a Multi-Service Gojek Clone. But, he is a newbie in the world of Tech-Business. He is so desperate to create the App that he went to his friend who works in an App Development Company in San Francisco. Now, Jake wants to understand the process of building the App from the ground up. This is how his friend explains him the entire thing: 

The App Development Flow 

The steps that go into developing an App are: 

  1. Choosing the right Target Audience. 
  2. Brainstorming its Unique Selling Points or features to sustain the Services. 
  3. Doing head-cracking Market Research about what people want, what the competitors are doing, how the App will make a difference, etc.
  4. Finally, determine the Services you want to offer based on the Research. 
  5. Prepare the design of the mobile application that includes Wireframing it, creating High-Fidelity Mockups or Prototypes. 
  6. Start coding the App after selecting the platform and the programming language. 
  7. Building the App and Testing it to correct issues or fix bugs. 
  8. Create a Website to Market it out to the world. 
  9. Launching the App. 
  10. Gathering feedback and improving distorted chunks. 

The Budget to Create the Gojek Clone App 

The budget of creating the App is calculated considering a number of factors like the cost of the Infrastructure, Technology equipment, and High-End Software needed, and primarily appointing the Professional Workforce that will develop your App. 

For Infrastructure, you can either rent or buy an Official Premise. However, that means you will have to spend some heavy bundles of cash. Additionally, you may want to Hire the Best, Qualified, and Hard-Working Professionals. These professionals will be hired for three essential categories: 

  • Analysts: These Analysts will be the ones who will take the in-depth Market Research into their hands. Since the Systems Analyst and the Database Analyst need to be well-versed with the App Industry and Experienced, thus, their demanded paychecks will be high. 
  • Designers: Designers’ job will be to make the App look intriguing, intuitive, and crucially, user-friendly. What would be a Gojek like App if it doesn’t offer a butter-smooth User Experience, a Hassle-Free and Flawless Performance?
  • Application Developers: You will have to appoint a set of Mobile Application Developers because the App will be launched on both iOS and Android App Stores. The team should comprise iOS/Android Developers, Project Managers, and PHP Experts. 

Summing up every essential and basic cost of building a company, as an Entrepreneur you have to spend at least a Quarter of a Million Dollars. This much financial pressure will be a crushing burden for any budding Entrepreneur and probably they may not want to take this hard-bitten risk. 

The Timeline of Creating an App from Ground-Up

Unfortunately, if you want to create a Gojek Clone App, you will have to spend at least 6 to 7 years making it the perfect Multi-Service App. A couple of years to build just the prototype, six months of Beta Testing, Fixing Bugs or rewriting the code, and finally a rigorous Market Testing for months together before you can make it live on the respective App Stores. 

Count it as a waste of time, resources, and energy because by the time your App will be Launched, it would have become an Obsolete Technology. 

After listening to the entire process, Jake asks his friend for an alternative that can earn him some quick and fast cash without any trouble. Well, here’s the alternative: 

Buy a Pre-Built and Mature App

YES! You can purchase a Ready-Made, Ready-to-Launch App. However, you need to purchase it from a Licensed, Experienced, and World Reputed White-Labeling Company. This Pre-Built, Mature, and Optimized On Demand Multi Services App will aid you in: 

  • Launching the App within a week’s time
  • Offer 70+ On-Demand Services on a Single Platform
  • Has numerous Pioneering and Top-Graded Features to add from
  • Gives you an Instant Entry into the Multi-Service Industry
  • Offers you completed Ownership of the created App 
  • Respects the Contractual Agreements 
  • Guarantees Phenomenal After-Sales Support. They will provide you One Year Free Support for Bugs that may show up in their original code and will give you Free Annual Upgrades according to the Package you have chosen.
  • Also, you will save the money you would otherwise spend on infrastructure, equipment, tools, and manpower. 

Well, Jake being a Smart Entrepreneur chooses to pick the Alternative and contacts us to Launch his very Own App like Gojek in just 7 Days.


Does your heart want to become a Successful Billionaire? If yes, We welcomes your ideas with open arms. Also, do you wish to take advantage of the time? Well, Christmas is the right time to start a Gojek Clone App because people will be Ordering and Purchasing Gifts, making road trips via Taxis, or even Booking a Relaxing Spa Therapy. 

So, without wasting time, pick up your phone and contact the experts. 

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