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Gojek Clone

In 2020, Gojek Clone App formed the reputation of being the Best On-Demand Service Platform. And to date, it is the best All-in-One App without a question mark! Because of using this App daily, a couple of habits have already been instilled in my way of living! 

Get everything Delivered to our Doorstep 

The reality is that we would like to get things delivered straight to our homes rather than going outside and purchasing them from the Stores. We are happy to Order whatever we need by comfortably sitting on our couches and lying down on our warm beds. Within minutes of placing the Order, the Gojek Clone Delivery Drivers will ring your doorbell and deliver the Package! 

Make Cashless Payments 

Covid-19 Outbreak has taught us to stay away from making Cash Payments because it is one of the easiest carriers of this lethal Highly-Contagious Virus! The Virus can stay on some surfaces for 24 hours as well! Thus, this raised concerns and many Cash Payers shifted to making Online Transactions. This App enables us to make Online Payments through Bank Cards and In-App Wallets, which prevents us from contracting this deadly Virus. And even today, we only make Online Payments while purchasing a Product or Service.  

Gojek Clone

Keep minute-by-minute updates of our Order 

App like Gojek keep their Users updated about the Status of their Delivery Drivers/Order/Trip via In-App Push Notifications. These notifications pops-up with Graphical Icons and a message to update us with the Live Status of our Delivery, Order, or Trip. This way we don’t have to open the App every time to track these updates. 

Send out Voice Instructions to the Delivery Drivers 

This feature has empowered the App Users to send Voice Instructions to the Delivery Drivers via the In-App Voice Note Feature. Now we can actually opt for a completely Seamless Contactless Delivery. The App User can record and upload the Voice Instructions with a single tap on the App itself. The Delivery Driver can listen to the instructions and make On-Time Delivery without hindrances. 

The App User can instruct them about – where to drop-off the package, where to park their vehicle, how they want to get the package delivered, etc. 

Such changes in the Customer’s buying behavior means that they are already habituated with using your App. In simpler words, we’ve become used to all these Benefits of Gojek Clone App and now it has become an indispensable part of our lives. 

Clearly, the App Users have become loyal to these Apps. Therefore, the prospects of launching these Apps are bright. And to serve such a vast Customer-Base, more and more Service Providers will seek to register on the App. 

Thus, Entrepreneurs can make huge profits by launching the App and choosing the correct Business Model. The two associated Business Models are designed to keep the money flowing in the Bank Accounts of the Entrepreneur. So, pick the right option of the two Models: 

  1. Commission-Per-Service: The Service Provider enters into a Contractual Agreement with the App Owner. As per the Agreement, the Provider has to pay Commission on every Single Service rendered through the App to the App Owner. The App Owner pre defines the Commission Rate for all the different genres of the Service provided on the App. Implying, the Commission paid by a Taxi Driver will be different from that of a Food Delivery Driver or a Doctor. 
  1.  Subscription Plans: The Service Provider makes a One-Time-Payment to the App Owner to purchase one of these Subscription Plans curated by the Entrepreneur itself! By making this payment, the Provider can merrily kiss goodbye to paying Commission on every Single Service. 

However, the Service Provider needs to be careful and Renew the Plan before it Expires. This is because if the Provider doesn’t renew the Plan, they will stop receiving the Service Requests. Good for them, they don’t need to remember the Expiration Date. The App Owner sends Reminders about Plan Renewal via the In-App Push Notifications. 


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