How to upgrade your Old shirts? 4 inspirational ideas for women:

black and orange shirts

There is no such thing as waste or old shirts. T-shirts are the most important part of any women’s wardrobe and they are never too old to be thrown out. Instead, you can use different DIY ideas to recycle and reform T-shirts. If you have tons of old T-shirts that you never use anymore then don’t ever think of throwing them into the trash. They can be reformed and you can use them again in different ways. 

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Besides getting new T-shirts from the anti-club, upgrade your old tee by using the 4 tricks mentioned below. 

So let’s have a look: 

No-sew Cut shirts: 

I have got dozens of shirts that are just sitting in the corner of my wardrobe, some of them are faded, some don’t fit and some are too boring for me to wear. So what I usually do in such a situation is “Add cuts to old Shirts”. Yes, just using a tailor’s chalk and scissors you can transform your old T-shirts into something new and stylish. 

Take a tailor’s chalk and design something on your old Tee. add cuts on the sides, back, and near the neck. The best thing about Cut DIY is you don’t need to sew it. Just wear it that way. It will give a funky look and looks great on casual occasions. 

Look at the picture below for reference. 

Off-shoulder Ruffle Shirt DIY: 

Off-shoulder shirts are cool, they can instantly add so much style and charm to your personality. Off-shoulder shirts are perfect for different casual events like birthday parties, hanging out with friends, farewell parties and the list is long. How many off-shoulder shirts do you have in your wardrobe already? Umm, none? Worry not you can convert your simple plain T-shirt into a ruffle Off-shoulder shirt with this simple DIY hack. 

All you need is an old Oversized T-shirt, a scissor and an elastic band. Now cut the shirt from one side (including the sleeves) and convert this extra fabric into a ruffle using an elastic band. Done? great. 

Now strictly this ruffle on the other shoulder and tadaa you have got a new off shoulder ruffle T-shirt. 

Now impress your friends and family members with your style sense. 

A Recycled Halloween shirt

 Halloween is around the corner, it’s that time of year when you see skulls, bats, monsters, and pumpkins everywhere. Have you bought your Halloween costume yet? If not then worry not, I won’t suggest you spend a good amount on Halloween customers, when you can create one at your home.

Yes, this inspirational idea can help you in creating a skull Halloween shirt. All you need to do is take out your old black and orange shirts. Now trace a skull on a black shirt using tailoring chalk and cut it accordingly. Add some extra cuts on the sleeve to give it a scary look. Now layer it over an orange or red T-shirt. 

Your Halloween customer is ready!!!

No-Sew Tote Bag: 

There are tons of ways to use an old T-shirt and creating a tote bag is one of my favorites. Tote bags are so roomy, you can put many things in them without paying any extra money at the grocery store. Or take it to picnics and beach parties to keep your belongings safe. You can easily convert your old T-shirt into a tote bag. All you need is scissors and an old tee. 

cut the t-shirt near to the sleeves, giving it the shape of the tote bag. The sleeve part would be used as a bag handle. 

Now make a bow from the lower side. And your tote bag is ready. 

Look at the picture below for reference. 

Wrapping up!!!

So guys here are the 4 inspirational ideas to upgrade your old T-shirts. Recycling your old clothes is one of the best things you can do for mother nature. As we all know, the trend of fast fashion is not only dangerous for our bank accounts but it is affecting our environment as well. 

Recycling your old clothes is the best way to save your money and to add something interesting and funny to your old clothes. 

How do you upgrade your old T-shirts? Do you have some interesting ideas in your mind? If yes, then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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