Exploring The Nursing Uniform Evolution: A Vision In White

Nursing Uniform Evolution

The common picture that we all envision when someone says,” dress up like a nurse” is a white dress and a cap. They are the most iconic attire in the history which separated nurses from servants, housemaids, and cooks.

The uniform defined their authority, purity, high-minded scientific pursuit, respect, and cleanliness. From stark white to now colorful scrubs NNT uniforms have explored them all. Today nursing uniforms are designed to meet the high ethical standards that nurses uphold. The patients should feel peace with the nurses uniform whereas the nurses should be instilled with the sense of pride.

Nursing Uniform Evolution

A research study submitted by the Kirkhof School of Nursing about “patients’ perceptions of trustworthiness in the nurse based on the nurse’s attire” showed that patients perceived a higher level of trustworthiness when the nurses wear the symbolic nursing attire during the treatment.

Not only does a professional attire in healthcare industry affect patients but it has other benefits that cannot be overlooked.

But soon the attires changed from bulky aprons to short tippets, long skirts to a short one and badges are sewn to denote ranking.

There are quite a number of different nursing attire out there and each one of them has their own benefits. The clothes started getting designed to give more comfort and mobility and have their own advantages.

The Evolution…..

The inception of standard nursing uniform happened by Florence Nightinangle during the Crimean war. She followed better hygiene practices and maintained professionalism through nursing uniforms.

Since the contemporary styles are being replaced with many tucked away changes, let us explore a few of them in the coming section.

Uniforms with Pockets:

The important thing that you can not work without in any apparel is the provision of pockets. They are your friends to stuff in your handy items and mobile phones. A nurse usually carries patient charts, medicines, stethoscope, gloves, alcohol pads and more. Phew…

The list of things is long and they can not be kept in hands. They definitely need a pocket. Uniforms are now designed with roomy pockets to equip everything within it.

Nurses will feel all day relaxed and yet stylish. The pockets are made spacious to ensure secure storage of all the nursing stocks.

Nursing uniform with good quality of fabric:

The quality of fabric you choose should be no less than any flattering silhouettes that ensure a professional yet smart look. So spend a few bucks more but confirm a good quality manufacturer.

Do not compromise on quality just for few comparatively cheap options. Nobody wants to adjust with linty and stitches coming out uniforms. It will be quite okay to have one good pair instead of 5 cluttered one. Remember, pockets serve as a storage for your nurse’s handy paraphernalia.

Colourful Nursing uniforms:

Colourful nursing uniforms is a new trend in the industry. They facilitate ease, style, and a tremendous performance giving you an exclusive look. Colorful uniforms drive the nurses to be more functional and professional.

The colour soothes the eyes of the nurses as well as the patients and helps to build a connection between them. There are a plethora of colours available and you can hand pick any of them. Black, navy blue, brown or marron is much in the trend now.

You can have a plain white with cuffs and pockets in a different colour. The choice is completely yours. You can customize it in any way you want in terms of designs and colours.

It is also possible to apply colour coding for nurses with different specialties. The differentiation offers the patient with ease to recognize particular nurses. Many of the nurses and doctors feel that colour is their tool of communication. With colourful Nursing Uniforms, nurses have less fear of clothes getting dirty.

Fade-resistant nursing uniform:

We are sure you have not paid a handsome amount of money for a uniform that fades easily with repetitive use. It would be disgusting to see a dark-coloured uniform having fade spots and starts looking scruffy after a few washes.

Right at the initial stage of planning make sure with your dealer that the material you are going to use for designing nursing uniform is fade-resistant. If required you can buy one pair and check with them. We are sure you do not want to look less professional even on your best day! Do you?

Soft and Stylish nursing uniforms:

Remember, nurses wear them all day long so they will definitely demand comfort when it comes to material. A long-durable 100% fabric allows nurses to breathe and even have better finishing as compared to other materials.

The soft material should not look rough if rubbed against the skin and absorb the sweat keeping the nurses super cool. You can also choose a combination of polyester and cotton which will facilitate a good movement and ease for nurses.

A stylish uniform makes you stand out from the other. You can try designing various neck cuts, pipings, embroideries, piping and more. Just make sure that whatever you design should give the utmost amount of comfort to the nurses and boost their confidence. You can even try having a printed uniform and make variations within. One can also personalize the uniform with an embossed label or symbol of the organization to give it a more stylish look. Additionally, when such uniforms are noticed by normal people, they boost up your marketing.

So why invest much when your uniform can speak volumes for you?

The perfectly fit uniforms:

With your nursing uniforms, the nurses should be able to move comfortably. They should be designed with the perfect fitting that gives the nurses an elegant look.

It is always advisable to try them first for having the best fit. A uniform over a hanger might look a perfect fit, but in reality, it may look like a sack-bag.

It should be as comfortable as daily favourable jeans and shirt clothing. It should feel like you are carrying something new on your body but should feel like a daily mundane thing.

No one ever likes a baggy outfit or a tight one that supports no motion at all.

A generous nursing uniform:

Whichever pattern, colour, the design you choose for the nursing uniform, it should provide an ample amount of protection to the body during the working hours. The main motive should be allowing the nurses to be more productive and efficient while dealing with the patients.

Uniforms help you stay organized, warm and productive.

Before making the final selection, always browse through different variety and forms so that you do not regret later. The perfectly designed nursing uniform sets an example of how professionalism can be achieved amongst the nurses.

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