Nine Delicious Products Containing Unprocessed Sugars

Products Containing Unprocessed Sugars

Unprocessed sugar has some essential nutrients in it. It is better for you than processed sugar. Many food items like honey, brown rice, maple syrup, cane juice, and molasses carry some amount of unprocessed sugar in them. Unprocessed sugar has the same sweetness as table sugar, offering more complex flavors.

People use sugar in their regular routines without knowing the harmful consequences of it. If you know about the problems caused by adding sugar to your routine diet, you must not use it even once. Sugar not only results in different issues but is associated with different diseases. 

To avoid heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity, we need to use a natural alternative for sugar.  Luckily, we can easily use different sweeteners to add a sweet touch to our dishes. One must opt for natural sweeteners to have more health benefits.

Products Containing Unprocessed Sugars

Some of the food Products Containing Unprocessed Sugars are discussed below:


Honey is one of the readily available products containing unprocessed sugars. Raw honey is found commonly and contains more minerals and vitamins.

Additionally, Honey has antibacterial properties, which can be beneficial for hair and cold. You should go for raw organic honey because it has a delicious taste.

Adding honey into your diet to sweeten your food can help you fight specific allergies. It also possesses antioxidant properties and thus enables you to fight internal inflammation. It contains particular vitamins and minerals and is very easy to digest.  

Maple Syrup:

Maple sugar is one of the products containing unprocessed sugars with essential ingredients: potassium, iron, zinc, and manganese. Maple syrup also has high levels of calcium involved in it.

Studies have shown that maple syrup has some antioxidant properties that can benefit you. It is made from maple seeds which are a natural source of sugar. Furthermore, it assists in avoiding high levels of sugar. It is far better than using refined artificial sugar. You should still check your diet and use it in fair amounts.


Some molasses contain unprocessed sugar, while other forms include processed sugar. It is sixty-five percent similar to sugar and tastes very good in baking food items.

Moreover, Molasses is available in sulfured and unsulfured forms.  Buy an unsulfured form of molasses because the fumes are not retained as sulfur in this form. Unsulfured molasses is rare, and it is hard to find them.


Just like honey, Stevia is also a natural sweetener. It comes from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana plant. You can extract it from the leaves of the plant and can use it as a natural sweetener for your food.  

People prefer to use Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners or refined sugar as it is calories-free. As a result, it can keep your blood sugar level under control limits.  

Coconut Sugar:

Coconut sugar is made from the blossom’s saps on the tree. It has a lower glycemic index and higher essential nutrients. It is a better option than regular processed sugar. The juice is concentrated to create syrup and then evaporated properly to form sugar. Coconut sugar is commonly available in markets. It is one of the healthiest unprocessed sugar. You can also look for coconut sugar in online markets and order them.


Sucanat is a product that is made from molasses and sugar. Later, molasses is removed from the sugar that leaves you with granulated sugar. Sucanat is similar to sugar, but it is more natural and less harmful. It contains essential nutrients like potassium, iron, and calcium. It is excellent for baking purposes and is considered more organic.

Brown Rice Syrup:

Brown rice syrup is a beautiful product for vegans. They can replace this syrup with honey. It has a delicious butterscotch taste. Brown sugar is made up of brown rice grains and enzymes cooked down into the liquid.

Furthermore, it is almost as sweet as sugar but has a sticky composition. Several people use it in granola bars. Keep in mind that if you are using it for baking purposes, do not use it excessively. It tends to 

Date Sugar:

Date sugar is one of the most delicious forms of unprocessed sugars. It gives a unique and yummy taste to your baked products. It would help if you stored it in a cool place and an airtight jar. This sugar retains moisture.

The drawback of date sugar is that it is not very dissolvable. It requires a lot of time to dissolve them in your baking products. You can mix it with warm oil or butter for better consistency.

Maple Sugar:

It is made up of maple syrup. You can use maple sugar in coffee, oatmeal, pancakes, or other baking stuff. It can give a unique taste to your products. The flavor of maple is quite strong. It is readily available in markets. Make sure not to use it excessively, as it can make your creations extra sweet.

Bottom Line:

High sugar consumption can also lead to problems like diabetes and several other diseases. Diabetes can result in producing some other issues in the body too. It can play an essential role in increasing your triglyceride levels. 

Moreover, it can lead to obesity, and thus makes one gain extra body weight. Obesity itself gives rise to specific other health concerns. As obesity is directly linked with high sugar intake, one must control his sugary cravings to avoid serious health concerns. 

 In conclusion, we can say that if you want to enjoy sweet food, you can replace artificial sweeteners and refined sugar with the healthiest unprocessed sugar. You can find multiple natural alternatives for sugar from different online and physical stores.  They are delicious and are not harmful for your body.

Most commonly used sugary sweeteners for health-conscious people include honey, maple, molasses, and coconut sugar. These products are not much different from sugar and help you fulfill your sugary cravings in the best way ever.

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