Do you know that 72% of people have watched at least one horror movie in the last 6 months? On the contrary there are people who just love watching horror movies! The most common reason is because horror movies give excitement. So, here are some Netflix movies that you must watch if you are phobophilia (someone who loves horror!).


The Outsider

Want to watch some murder thriller and action? This is one of the best Netflix shows that can be watched if you like trill and action . So, the plot of the story revolves around an american prisoner of war who after world war 2 started living in Japan and after much hardship learned yakuza’s rituals and to become a member of the criminal organization. Watch this movie to see the intense acting and impressive cinematography. As per The Next Hint’s report, season 2 of the outsider was cancelled by HBO but it could move to Netflix.


This series is Netflix’s first original Egyptian Arabic-language series which is set in Egypt in the late 1960s. See how Dr. Refaat Ismail, a skeptical Egyptian hematologist at Cairo University world slowly turns upside down after experiencing a series of paranormal activities. He even enters the paranormal world with his university colleague Maggie to save their loved ones from danger.


It is a horror web television series which is set in Goa. It is a horror drama which revolves around 4 kids, a haunted house and a book that piques the interest of a group of aspiring ghost hunters. These kids form a ghost club and decide to seek a ghost at an old haunted villa in their neighborhood. Aren’t they brave? But where did this ghost searching idea came from? Their interest originated for the book named “The Ghost of Sultanpore”. 


This one is an Indian horror story .The story takes place in a dystopian future where fascism reigns supreme. The whole show is about the interrogation of a dreaded terrorist named Ali Saeed in a secret government internment camp. You will be surprised to know that Ghoul is based on the Arab folklore monster ghoul.


This is a pseudo-documentary which focuses on stories in which individuals or groups of people who have witnessed strange, horrifying or any paranormal encounters tell their stories. Well, in this documentary many of the stories are reminiscent of popular horror films released prior to the alleged date of the events.


Even after knowing that these horror movies are not for real, still these triggers the mind and not only helps in coping with the sense of fear but also develops resilience. The next time you plan to watch a movie with your friends or even if you are alone watch these amazing Netflix horror movies. They are full of suspense and horror which will keep you stuck to the screen and some of you also may cover yourself behind the couch or under your pillow or sleep keeping the light on! 

By Darbaar

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