Everything You Need to Know About Prenatal Yoga

prenatal yoga

Yoga is a practice that allows you to find your balance while soothing your body and mind. When you start taking yoga classes during pregnancy, you’ll uniquely feel your body while witnessing the body changing too. Offering yourself a healthy pregnancy is vital for you and the baby, so taking prenatal yoga classes will be beneficial in more ways than one. Through every trimester, you’ll feel better and more prepared for childbirth but experience many other benefits, too.

First trimester

The first trimester is challenging for every woman. Fatigue, nausea and low energy levels will often make the first three months of your pregnancy unbearable. While physical activity may be the last thing you want to do, there will be days when you feel the energy levels are back to normal and you’re ready to do some stretches. Listen to your body, get your yoga leggings, and sit on the mat to do your asanas. Restoratives and gentle breathing exercises are best for this period of pregnancy.

Second trimester

In the second trimester, all those nuisances like vomiting and fatigue will be behind you. It is also the time when you’ll notice the bump growing, and you’ll feel more energetic than in the first three months. Doing yoga will require modifications because of the growing belly, so get ready to set your feet wider apart, when bending and watch your balance more than before. The belly will limit twisting as well, so use your upper spine to turn left and right. If you were practising yoga before pregnancy and your doctor approves you continue, stay at the same level as you were before pregnancy. Don’t push yourself too hard even if you feel like you can stretch or twist more. Keeping your body in shape is one thing, but overexerting your back by bending too much is not safe for anyone and much less for a pregnant woman.

Third trimester

In the third trimester, pregnancy will feel more real than ever, with the growing baby adding serious weight to your body. We still advise you to stay vigilant about relaxing in your body, regardless of how you feel. You can experience a different sense of centre, more pressure on your joints, and decreased sense of balance. Lay down only on your sides and not your back. Do a wide-legged standing pose with your feet closer together for better stability. Make sure you always have a pair of comfortable workout leggings nearby to wear to a yoga class and feel good in your own skin. Keep a spare pair in your bag to change afterwards if you tend to sweat more than usual.

Let your body rest

While practising yoga during pregnancy is good for your body and baby’s health, it’s also vital for the mum to rest. Take time to connect and nurture in your practice while staying strong. You can only do that if you offer yourself enough relaxation between classes. Listening to your body is imperative, so don’t let the most magical time in your life become a strain and tax your body. Rest often and a lot to grow a healthy baby!

Benefits of prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga helps prepare for the labour

Prenatal yoga helps strengthen the muscles that need to be strong for labour while also softening another group of muscles that need to be soft for delivery. Furthermore, you’ll be more ready for the labour because yoga will calm your nerves and anxieties, making you breathe easier and push the baby out with less fear. Focusing on breathing will manage the labour pain more efficiently while making the labour shorter and less painful.

Offers relief for aches and pains

Thanks to prenatal yoga, mamas-to-be gain flexibility and strength where they need it most. That helps put common pregnancy aches and pains under control and minimises discomfort. Prenatal yoga reduces lower back pain, pelvis and hip pain and muscle tension, to name a few.

Reduces stress

While for some women pregnancy is the most miraculous experience, for others it doesn’t feel as divine. With hormones going through the roof, some women will stress out more than usual, which won’t be healthy for them or the baby. Yoga is one of the best ways to manage stress, and after a yoga class, stress hormones in your body will immediately lower.

Less painful labour

Have you always wondered how some women have such easy labour without the excruciating pain other women describe? Yoga helps you learn how to calm yourself in stressful situations. That is vital for having less painful labour because once you’re relaxed, the whole labour process will go much faster. Not only will you give birth quicker, but you’ll feel less pain during the delivery, as well. Yoga will teach you how to breathe properly, which is essential for smooth labour because your muscles will soften and relax when most needed.

Recover faster after giving birth

Many mums fear the recovery process more than the labour. If you’re one of them, just practice prenatal yoga. You will gain strength where you need it, making you recover faster and feel healthier than other non-yoga mums. The postpartum period will be a breeze if you spend your pregnancy in yoga classes. Your physical appearance will benefit too, as you won’t have to worry about that gap between the abdominal muscles that sometimes doesn’t go away after giving birth. Staying in shape during pregnancy helps you heal faster and go back to your pre-pregnancy lifestyle much faster.

Pregnancy will be one of the life-changing periods that you’ll forever remember. To make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, consider taking prenatal yoga classes. Not only will your pregnancy days be a breeze, but with prenatal yoga, you’ll make the labour go smoothly and enjoy your carefree postpartum days. No back pain, no stress, and better breathing are some of the reasons why you need to take prenatal yoga. Your body and your baby will be grateful.