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With the nation gearing up for a month-long lockdown because of a worldwide pandemic, everybody wants to live stress-free. Some people choose to game as a stress buster and it gives them all the more reasons to stay busy. Moreover, there isn’t a single soul who finds gaming unappealing. People from all walks and ages have at least one game close to their hearts. But before setting foot in the gaming world, the right tools or gadgets are most important. Everybody cannot afford to buy a brand new desktop or laptop, they can consider purchasing a refurbished gaming desktop. Where a brand new gaming laptop can cost around $1500 to $5000, a refurbished desktop can cost about 30 to 50% less than a brand new one. Therefore, it is much better to buy a refurbished gaming desktop which you can customize according to your whims and say. Singapore is the hub for your gaming dreams to come true. 

Advantages of buying refurbished gaming desktops:

Besides the cost-benefit, there are a few relevant technical benefits attached to this option.

  • GPU: The GPU specs are the foremost important thing that comes to our mind when we think about gaming devices. Since high-end graphics cards are large enough, it works well with desktop computers. But fitting massive graphics card inside compact and portable laptop seem problematic. 
  • Storage: In desktops, there is always an alternative for replacing the existing storage or opting for external storage. But laptops have limited space and an additional HDD is not an option. 
  • Hardware: The biggest advantage of having a gaming desktop is that you have the superpower to upgrade the hardware on demand. These hardware parts are much more affordable compared to buying gaming console parts. 
  • Game controller: Choosing a gaming controller that suits your requirement when gaming on a PC is not difficult. You just need to install the necessary driver for it. 

Important specifications to look out for:

  • GPU: Serious gamers should pay attention to the graphics card. It provides high frame rates and playing high-resolution games worth the experience. Higher the number of cards, the better the performance. Entry-level GPUs (e.g. AMD RX 570 and Nvidia GTX 1650) offer a decent gaming performance at 1080p frame rates. Whereas powerful GPUs (e.g. RX5700 or RTX 2060) work at 1440p frame rates. For a better experience, you can opt for a higher specification graphic card. You can choose a desktop with a newer graphic card, but older cards are also worth the gamble.
  • Processor: Gaming desktop either custom made refurbished or a pre-made brand device, the processor specification concerns us the most. It determines the functioning of the system either gaming or non-gaming activities. The processor core count tells us all about it. For budget-friendly, buying quad-core is the lowermost configuration. People aiming for gaming tournaments require high-powered desktops with six to eight cores or more. For gamers, AMD works better in terms of cores and performance as compared to Intel.

RAM: The range for appropriate RAM for gaming lies between 8GB to 16GB. The minimum standard you can get away with is 8GB. It works well with older games. If your major concern is playing with worrying about frame rate, then you can only go this far. Whereas modern games require at least 16GB RAM for a smoother experience.

  • Additional memory won’t enhance your experience at all but will remain unused, reminding you of extra money lost in purchasing it.
  • Coolers: Thinking about advanced cooling is not a bad idea. Since these coolers are the most efficient and economical way to cool a CPU. Although you can buy a water-cooling system for your desktop or can’t opt for a third party system. It will help in lowering down the noise levels produced by the desktop along with better performance. It will keep the device cool and stable even while running heavy load games.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD): Besides GPU, nothing will work towards enhancing your gaming experience other than SSD. Generally, computers nowadays come with a 500 to 750GB hard drive which will sit idle without benefitting you much. SSD’s are not only faster but also cheaper than compared to hard drives. SSD will make a huge difference in the working of your desktop as well as in the loading of your games. 


Building a gaming desktop requires patience and balance on the part of customers. It is important for you to weigh your options, budget properly and focus on enhancing your gaming sessions. With refurbished desktops, you can build a gaming station of your choice and invest in components accordingly. Fancy brand new desktop won’t help you play better. 

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