Natural Seeds That Can Benefit Your Hairs & Health

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Seeds like sesame, pumpkin and sunflower can give you a quick health punch. When you look at the nutrient content they carry, you’ll very well know why. They usually have high amounts of the essential fatty acids, complete amino acids profile required to for digestible and complete protein, and vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E along with minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, iron and zinc. With all that healthy content, they can really benefit your health in more ways than you might have imagined.

Here we have listed top 3 natural seeds that can be beneficial for your overall health. Let’s check out how they can help you.

Pumpkin Seeds And Their Benefits for Hairs

Chinese people call pumpkin the Emperor of Sun considering it more of a fruitfulness symbol. The pumpkin seeds are actually full of amino acids like glycene, glutamic acid, and alanin. Besides, they make a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc as well. They also carry iron, protein, and phosphorus while being low in the carb content.

There are many documented ancient herbal treatments that used pumpkin seeds for treating prostate disorders especially for hairs. The interesting fact is that modern research also backs it up. The reason is that they have curcubitacins, the substances that are believed to be helpful in the prevention of testosterone conversion to dihydrotesterone. High level of curcubitacins is known to promote prostate enlargement. The seeds are also helpful with the treatment of women having urinary tract infections and kids scalp.

And, Zinc content helps promote better scalp health which is associated with the prevention of hair loss especially for kids. So, you can expect long and beautiful hairs on you and your child’s head but make it sure if your kids have this treatment then should have special comb. Here, we have listed some top hair brushes for kids in 2021, you can figure out which one could be good according to their reviews.

Sesame Seeds And Their Benefits

The sesame seeds are also one of the most healthful natural seeds around and they are full of protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, phytic acid and calcium while having low carbohydrate content. These seeds also have sesamolin and sesamin, the substances that are known to help with lowering down the cholesterol levels in the body, and they are also a popular vitamin E source as well.

In addition, they carry omega-6 and the monounsaturated fats as well. With all their health-friendly nutrition value, they can be helpful in the prevention of arteries’ furring and boosting skin elasticity. They also help with digestion, stimulation of blood circulation and improvement of nervous system.

Sunflower Seeds And Their Benefits

In quite a few early civilizations, sunflower actually became a mystic symbol and Incas were the most notable of them as they used to worship sun. When it comes to their health benefits, however, Sunflower seeds have a rich profile.

They make a great source of vitamin B complex that makes an essential component for having healthy nervous system. Besides, they are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, protein, vitamin E and potassium. The Sunflower seeds also carry trace minerals, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium, carotene, and copper along with monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids – the two kind of ‘good fat’ which can be helpful in the protection of arteries.

Being high in zinc content, the sunflower seeds can turn out to be a great immune booster. These seeds might also be helpful in offering protection against the heart disease and the vitamin B content in them can help reduce stress.

So, these three natural seeds can help you boost your overall health profile manifolds. Each of them has immense nutritional value and you can consume them in a variety of delicious ways. Just figure them out and start using these natural seeds to enjoy good overall health.

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