Natural Language Processing in Keyboards

Natural Language

Natural Language processing is a component of artificial intelligence that is concerned with the interaction between computers and human language.

Natural Language processing is all about representing as well as analyzing human language in the sense of computers. It makes computers respond according to context clues just the way a human would. The natural language processing consists of applications that include spell check, autocomplete, voice text messaging, virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc.

In the past few years, Natural Language Processing has collected a good amount of attention across industries and it has led to the rise of technologies like speech recognition, sentiment analysis, machine-to-human communication which has inspired several other innovations.

Natural Language Processing Technology components:

1)    Speech recognition: this feature lets you give a clip of a person or a person speaking and the main work of this feature is to determine the textual representation of the speech. The words in the same language are spoken in an indifferent accent by different people, the speech recognition software is able to recognise the use of a variety of input as being identical to each other in terms of texts.

2)    Speech segmentation: the speech segmentation is considered as a subtask of speech recognition and is typically grouped with it. The main work of this software or feature is that then a sound clip of a person is given or a person is actually speaking the feature lets the speech separate into words.

3)    Text-to-speech: This feature is for the people who are visually impaired and it is not very common in keyboards. In this feature a text is given and the technology transforms those text or units into a representation of a speech.

4)    Word segmentation: Somehow Similar to speech recognition the word segmentation is used as separating a chunk of continuous text into separated words. Some written languages like Thai Japanese or Chinese don’t seem to mark word boundaries and in those languages text segmentation plays a vital role in acquiring knowledge of the morphology and vocabulary of words in that particular language.

These are some of the basic components we have discussed above, there is a lot more to understand about this technology but we have featured only those points that are related to the mobile keyboards.

Natural language processing in keyboards:

●     Voice typing: This feature lets you speak in any language and it will directly transcript your speech words into written text in no time. The feature is mostly accurate and is being in function with the help of Artificial Intelligence and its component natural language processing. All you have to do is to click on a mic option on your keyboard and start speaking. The moment it listens to your speech it will start typing your text automatically in the same exact manner.

●     Google translation: This is also a very important feature that comes under natural language processing, the feature understands your type of texts, dialects, etc and it translates your text into the language of your choice easily. The feature of Google translation is inbuilt in various keyboards and especially in Bharat keyboards that lets you translate your text into any language of your choice.

●     Auto correction: this feature also comes under the natural language processing system. The main work is to check the words and sentences formed by you and see if they are grammatically correct or not. If the word you have entered has misspellings then it will automatically correct the word to make it easy for you. The feature has to be enabled by you in order to let this happen. This auto correction or grammatical error correction affects millions and billions of people that use English as their second language.

Natural Language processing for NLP is rapidly growing in your daily life and it is all about how computers work with human language. Features that are implemented by natural language processing are highly accurate when it comes to the results.

The auto correction feature, Google translation as well as voice typing all these features give expectedly better results that provide advanced solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The main work is to integrate syntax structure, grammar and composition of signals of audio and voice to understand, analyse and process human speech.

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