Native Apps, Web Apps or Hybrid Apps? What is The Difference?


Apps, we as human beings living in the 21st century are very familiar with this term. For each and every need of ours we have a different app for it, and these apps basically make our lives hundred times easier. Almost each and everything is just one click away from us because of the wide array of apps that are available to us.

But these apps especially the mobile apps are all not created and developed in the same way. Actually, there are a total of three options when it comes to developing an app, and those are native apps, web apps and last but definitely not the least hybrid app. The hybrid is the latest one as compared to the other two and there is now a wide array of hybrid mobile application development India, that are really reliable as well as efficient. Now one has to keep in mind all of these three variants of apps have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. So, let us look at what is actually the difference between these three kinds of apps.

1.  Native App

Native apps when one hears the name, they might think that this is the most basic app that we use in our day-to-day life. But that is just partially true. Yes, you might use this app on a day-to-day basis on your mobile phone but what differentiates it from the other two is that a native app is made to only be supported by a specific device. What this means is that if a developer develops a native app, he/she develops it for either android or iOS. These native apps cannot be supported in all devices and that is because androids are written in java and iOS is written in Objective-C.

2.  Web App

Well, the web app is not actually like a native app or any app as such, because it is basically a website that is used through search engines like chrome or safari. But it still gives a feel of using a normal app hence the name web app. An important thing about the web app is that it is written with the help of either HTML5 or JavaScript although sometimes it may use both.

3.  Hybrid App

Hybrid apps in simple words are basically the best of both worlds. Which means that it incorporates the qualities of both native apps as well as web apps. The hybrid apps can be found in the app store of any and every device and along with that it also incorporates web apps features such as operating system features. And also, an important feature of the hybrid apps is that it can be developed faster and are also easy to develop and because of this quality there are multiple hybrid app development India has come up with.

Now the question arises which app is better? Well, that’s a question that only you as a developer can answer because each and every one of them has some advantages and some drawbacks. So, it totally depends upon which app you want to make and for what purpose.

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