What is the name of the whitening cream?

whitening cream

Beauty is the ornament of women. For ages, women have wanted to keep themselves beautiful. Women do not hesitate to use different creams to present themselves as attractive to others. And women are using different types of cosmetics for this beauty.

Nowadays, women are looking for different types of creams to permanently whiten their complexion. Keeping this in mind, women have brought various types of creams to the market. Which will make your skin permanently fair.

Then come to know the names of the creams-

1) Wow Fairness Cream-

This is a product of the Indian Wow Company. It is free from harmful sulfates, parabens, and silicones. This will smooth your skin and help increase the radiance of the skin.\

2) Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Cream-

This cream contains plant extracts and multivitamins which give your skin an SPF-15, oily skin matte look. Which will make your skin a little brighter.

3) Olay Natural White Cream-

Ole Natural White Cream contains Triple Nutrient System, Vitamin B-3, Pro B-5, and E. With regular use, your skin will have a radiant glow. The SPF level of this cream is -24 and which will blend very easily with your skin.

4) Clean and clear fairness cream-

This cream is great for oily skin. This cream UV filter will protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Does not close the pores of the skin, which will protect your skin from bruises. This cream works great with very little use. But this cream is not good for dry skin. Leaves a white powder-like stain on the skin. These creams contain alcohol and some other harmful ingredients. Which can cause skin damage.

5) Ponds White Beauty-

This cream is very good for oily skin. It will work very well on your skin in humid weather. The level of SPF in this cream is 20. And this cream mixes very quickly with the skin, which quickly gives a kind of pink tinge. But this cream is not enough moisturizer for dry skin.

6) Lakme Perfect Radiance Instant Whitening Day Cream-

Lakme Perfect Radiance Instant Whitening Day Cream contains Vitamin B-3. Which will moisturize your skin and increase radiance. Usually, this cream does not seem to have anything extra on the skin after use.

7) Himalayan Herbal Fairness Cream-

This cream contains natural extracts like aloe vera, walnut, orange, rose, etc. which will help your skin to do many kinds of things. This cream tones the skin, removes blemishes and smoothes the skin. There is no bleaching agent in this cream so it will bring natural fairness to your skin.

8) Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Cream-

This cream is perfect for lightening the skin of those who have oily skin. This cream is a creamy formula that is light in weight. This cream does not bulk the skin pores or make the skin oily. This cream blends in with the skin very easily and brightens the skin easily. Its MPF 25 has made it a perfect day cream.

9)VLCC Gentle Fairness Cream-

This cream helps to tighten and smooth your skin as well as eliminate the problem of skin pigmentation. This cream contains raw turmeric, lemon peel, mulberry, and licorice which are very good for the skin. The licorice will brighten your skin and lemon peel and turmeric will improve the texture of your skin. It will also remove blemishes on your skin. And mulberry will prevent your skin from making melanin. This skin whitening cream contains SPF 25. It is not suitable for oily skin.

10) Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Night Cream-

Applying this cream every night will bring back the lost radiance of your skin. It contains Vitamin C which is useful for brightening your skin. This cream helps to protect the skin from dead skin cells. And keeps the skin smooth. This cream can cause sweating after a while. This will not be a problem for your skin.

11) BAREAIR Night Cream-

This cream with olive oil and shea butter. Which will soften your skin and keep it bright and vibrant. Can also be used as an under-eye cream. This cream is free of paraben and sulfate and contains vitamin E.

12) IZBORI Pure Anti Aging Day and Night Cream-

If you use this cream regularly on your skin, it will not leave the impression of aging. The cream helps to maintain the moisture of the skin by keeping it soft and restores the vitality of the skin. This cream contains jojoba oil, vitamin E and retinol. But not everyone is familiar with this brand.

Fairness is a gift from God. But she is also using different types of creams to whiten himself. The creams mentioned above are very good. You will not get this cream in Bangladesh. However, there are many adulterated creams in the market now. So be sure to buy before buying the cream.
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