Nail fungus and their treatment measures

ketoconazole nail fungus

Most health conditions come into existence if they are at an advanced level. The nails are an important part of your body and if you do not take proper care of the nails you end up doing more harm than good. Most of us tend to overlook the nails since we are focussed on other parts of the body. But if you overlook the issue of nails it might leave you in trauma and the use of ketoconazole nail fungus provides considerable relief.

Is there any form of diagnoses?

A medical expert or doctor is going to examine the condition of the nails. They may scrape the debris from under the nail or take some form of nail clippings. Then the sample would be sent out to the lab and it gives you an idea on the reasons of such an infection. Other conditions like psoriasis could lead to an infection of the nails. If you have an idea about the type of infection it helps to cope up with the exact condition of the nails.

ketoconazole nail fungus

Oral anti- fungal medicines

Such drugs work out to be an obvious choice as they are effective than a topical drug. It is going to prevent any type of infection arising from the nail as in a gradual way it might replace the infected part. The drug has to be consumed typically for 6 to 12 weeks for effective results.

But the results of the treatment will not emerge till the nail restores back completely. It might take around four months to eradicate infection. Though the success rates in treatments of adults above the age of 65 years is on the lesser side.

The use of certain type drugs might lead to side effects like liver damage or any form of skin rash. Sometimes occasional blood tests might be necessary to check out how you are doing with such drugs. The use of ketoconazole cream for toenail fungus prevents any type of side effects. The doctors are not going to recommend them for anyone who is suffering from cognitive heart failure or a liver disease and is prone to such type of medications.

The use of a medicated nail polish

The doctor could prescribe the use of a medicated nail polish. There is a need to paint it on the infected nails and the surrounding region after a day. Take note for effective results you need to be using this nail polish regularly during the year.

To sum it up it is not necessary that you opt for over the counter products or ointments, even some home remedies are there that might provide you relief from such conditions. If you witness any type of markings on the nails peel them off and soak them in water. Then you need to dry them properly and then use a medicated cream or lotion. Even it might be possible to trim down the nails. The pain is reduced by trimming down the pressure on the nails.

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